2016 Presidential Election

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By now I’ve already cast my vote. And the popular results are in… And the electoral college has cast theirs. And it’s after the inauguration.

As always I think of this blog as notes to the Future. Maybe my niece will read it one day, ha, she’ll probably laugh out loud at a few posts already. One thing I do know is that the world won’t end. Many of the issues that people of one candidate are screaming at other people of another candidate are things that need to be addressed in more civilized forms. Perhaps listening to other side’s to hear what their concerns are. Leadership has to have the grace to listen and guide. The world is watching this election, and many countries are worried about the results. Foreign policy and world leadership is a factor that gets over looked as a new president is elected, but is immediately thrust upon the sworn in president. We’ve been selecting from the least problem person for a long time. The two most popular political parties have been going back and forth on issues for generations, so much so that they are not like their originals. The so called conservative party is way off on the extreme side being more fundamental and legalistic. The so called liberal party is closer to the middle than they let on while there is another party that is actually liberal. They have been calling each names for so long no one remembers what they actually stand for. No one is listening to each other or the citizens, corporations have the money to get things done their way. If only there was a way for citizens to be represented… Today with email and social media it is possible to communicate with elected officials, so there is always hope.

Study up on Neoliberalism… Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems I have more links later.

The marginalized, women, the LGBTQ, African Americans, Muslims, refugees, immigrants, and more are wondering what the outcome will be. What everyone is scared of is that others will revert back to a time of misogyny and racism. We have laws and Supreme Court rulings to ensure equality. What is disturbing is the we have a society that hasn’t embraced equality for everyone. There are still many strides in respect for people as people that need to be made.

There are States trying to ostracize trans people and their bathroom preferences, while no one is offering solutions like having individual bathrooms instead of cheaply built rooms with a flimsy barrier between toilets. Hey, the Romans built public toilets, you just walked in and sat next to someone at the next available hole. If you could afford it you could tip the attendant who would offer a community sponge to wipe yourself with. Worked for them right, but we’ve learned better ways than even the Romans and the Victorian era bathroom habits. Bullying is what kids in school are afraid of, so who is ever going to teach them to leave others alone in respect when disposing of body waste. Parents are showing their prejudice by being scared their kids are going to be near a trans kid, never mind they are in the same class and lunch lines and sport games and building. Just quit being cheap on bathrooms and have some individual stalls with doors that close for privacy. We all want kids to be safe from violence and overcrowded/underfunded schools, that also means being safe from your kids who are doing the bullying. Parents need to teach their own children to have respect and not bully others.

There is no reason the gay marriage ruling should be over turned. This is a good thing as some still want to discriminate and try to pass more laws to suppress rights. If a religious group doesn’t want to marry anyone gay, they shouldn’t interfere with it being allowed outside of that group. There are so many different religious groups, remember, this is why the bill of rights included a constitutional amendment so that Congress couldn’t make laws respecting one over another. It keeps one popular group from passing laws ruling over others who don’t want to be part of them. Religions can make their own rules for members, those outside of that are not subject to those rules. We all know that what is acceptable to society changes over the years, and it’s a weak argument to say certain immoral things will become normal when people are still fighting against those. Utah passed a couple of laws to protect the LGBTQ and the religious by inviting both sides to communicate. Fairness laws will be happening as other states like California start exploring their own bills.

The fundamentalist/conservative movement has been becoming more and more legalistic, and it’s not attractive to people to be a part of it. The numbers are increasing for people to be accepting of gay marriage whether or not the conservatives admit it. By the election results, thats more likely in urban areas. My own church has a sizable LGBTQ group because no one is perfect, and everyone is welcome. Hopefully the leadership will be open to more roles in the church even if other churches are not so accepting. The rest of the world is watching…

Let’s hope NATO doesn’t have to stay nervous for long during this period of uncertainty. Maybe we just had to one up the Brexit move the British did. Individual Muslims are wondering what will happen. China has been aggressive in areas, as well as Russia. We need to watch that show of power as planes have been coming close to the Western states and military ships are maneuvering around. The Russians have been building many ice cutting ships, of course global warming has opened up the Artic sea so shipping lanes are open from Europe straight to China. Artic oil fields are easier to access and are being leased out, thus the need for those Russian ice cutters to keep the shipping lanes open.

I know some are hoping that Roe vs Wade will some day be over turned. Even if it were overturned, abortions would not stop, people of means would still find a way to do it and those without means will resort to unsafe practices. Many religious people would be surprised as to how many in their faith had an abortion and will in the future. People of means will use whatever means necessary to keep it quiet and not have a scandal, it didn’t stop for the 100 years it was illegal. Overturning the ruling is very difficult anyway. So, you have a pro-life pro-choice split that has become a political matter rather than a personal liberty on choice. Remember, a religious group can make it’s own rules for it’s members. That doesn’t mean applying those rules to others who are not part your group, and yes there lots of people who may never want to belong to your group of believers. Here is the thing, abortion didn’t start with the verdict of Roe vs Wade. It’s been going on for thousands of years. Most of the time if a child survived birth, it might be just left some where to die. Keep in mind that anti-abortion laws were created between 1873 and 1910 making it a felony, before that the earliest laws in the USA were regulations on the concoctions being used or sold to women from being killed in the process. Scarlet Letters: Getting the History of Abortion and Contraception Right The Criminalization of Abortion Began as a Business Tactic Abortions did not end during the 100 years it was illegal, the practice was just driven underground and that often meant it was done in an unsafe way. Women were left to options that could and did kill them, coat hangers, chemicals, etc. Of course with it being legal, regulations and procedures could be done in a safer environment. The morning after pill is the modern version of the many natural remedies that have been used for thousands of years. Keep in mind, Numbers 5:11-31 describes one of those natural remedies administered by a priest, and yes the bible describes an abortion technique. People on both sides have been fighting over the details about procedures and when during a pregnancy it can happen, most people wouldn’t even imagine having one late in a pregnancy. Abortions happen in all walks of life and religious groups. A woman makes her own decision of what happens to her body, and the ancient Jewish approach in the bible favored the life of the mother over any child. We’re not in China where until just recently there was a very strict limit of only one child you can have, after the limit she no longer has a choice. Keep in mind that those in the USA may think it’s unimaginable that there could be a law that requires an abortion, there are those who can’t imagine being required to carry to term if they didn’t want to. While the USA abortion numbers have been on a decline, there is still much to do for sex education and the social stigmas. Abstinence works for some who make their own decision to do that, meanwhile there are others who will never make that decision. There are so many personal variables for decisions to have an abortion, blanket statements and limiting regulations are not going to help. Few ever address why someone would make the decision to have an abortion, one is that there is a serious lack of support system and there is a stigma for asking for help. Even if a woman does have an abortion, she doesn’t need to be treated unfairly or less than an equal. Nevermind that when a woman needs help after having a baby that there are more and more stresses to get help. Yes there are those who abuse the help, but there are so many more who just need help. Wait, why aren’t there ample funds from those who are anti-abortion to take care of pregnant women and then all those babies? You would think that pro-life would actually mean supporting the mothers, and any other life such as immigrants and refugees. Basically it doesn’t matter which political party you follow, the statistical fact is that abortions decline more under democratic presidents. We can work on creating inclusive comprehensive sex education programs, have condoms available, and more so there are fewer unwanted pregnancies. Let’s make sure we support women in what ever choice they make, no judgements what so ever.

As for bringing back jobs from those companies that moved them elsewhere, how about we rethink that. It does sound good for a few, but realistically we’ve got a lot of jobs that need a different skill set. Highschool budgets have been cut so much that they don’t always offer classes that teach skills needed for jobs in the community which could start someone on a career or even be used to support going to college. The service industry has replaced many of manufacturing jobs any way. People don’t teach kids to cook unless it’s from a TV or YouTube episode, same goes for repairing or rehabbing a house. Someone actually has to do the work of remodeling or building a house, not just manage said endeavors. The manufacturing jobs that would return would just mean more robotics than people, automation, or something different altogether. For example, a European company that delivers groceries has invested heavily in the robotics and development of new equipment means no people are picking products. Communities need to work together to attract companies and even start companies that fit the needs of it’s area and what the people want. The irony is that parents want a better life for their kids so they don’t have to work these jobs, but now are at rallies to get those jobs back. Also states and federal could make it easier for another company or local leaders to buy under used or unused facilities so jobs can continue in a new capacity for growth. Local leaders can be instrumental in attracting new businesses to diversify the options and career paths of it’s community. Hopefully everyone learns from past mistakes of depending too much on one industry, we’ve all seen what happened to the car industry towns, NASA towns, or military base towns when it shuts down.

Speaking of NASA, the USA leads the world in space travel development. Competition has lead us to do things better. Remember that money that goes into space development actually goes back into the US economy, with lots of sciencific and technological innovations that have practical everyday use. After World War 2, the government propped up the economy of cities that had depended on the war contracts to grow. Some can and should say those were socialistic ideas used by capitalists that sparked the growth and development that followed afterward.

We all know that coal is bad for the environment. I remember the years of acid rain with damaged trees in areas far from the smoke stacks. The president wants to help return jobs to coal areas while the industrial trend has already moved to natural gas. Yes there will be a need for some coal, but cleaning the smoke waste is expensive while natural gas isn’t leaving acids and toxic chemicals behind. Coal has been used to make coke for higher temps, but the production and use of coke still leaves behind a lot of toxic waste. The president is referring to help save and return 76000 jobs, never mind that one retail company on the verge of bankruptcy has 114000 employees that will be looking for jobs. This just seems about campaign promises that never should have been made. Never mind that coal production has been implementing more robotics and self driving vehicles to reduce man power numbers, robots don’t complain about 24/7 work and don’t get black lungs. Even China is working on reducing coal burning, the people are seeing the damage it’s doing to their health. Reducing the burning of coal has helped the environment and people’s health. There was so much clean open land and air that attracted people to America before the big industry polution and natural resource abuses. We need to keep fighting for a better environment thanks to those who want to destroy it just for a profit. National Geographic Encyclopedia Resource: Coal

How about solar panels on houses to help the grid so less coal or other power sources are needed? Instead of promising jobs that are already being elemenated by the coal mining industry, we can create solutions that help the environment and the people.

Vintage photos taken by the EPA reveal what America looked like before pollution was regulated Have we forgotten acid rain and the numerous other problems that local governments approved and companies didn’t take responsibility for their actions? My own town of Dickson let pollution into the landfill that leaked into the aquifer that supplied the city and wells, that directly caused cancer and birth defects for those with wells.

Kentucky coal report shows no sustained job rebound so far under Trump

TVA agrees to remove 12 million cubic yards of stored ash from Gallatin plant Local electric plants have to deal with the coal ash and the toxic affects it has on the environment and waterways. The tax payers cover many supersites projects already. Someone approved this and many are affected by the toxic results for many years to come just to save money and due to neglect.

Underwater sites in our oceans are already being explored for rare earth metals and minerals that are used in electronics and renewables. Japan, China, and other countries have been mining areas already, and that means tension in some regions over rights. There have been tests to see what problems underwater mining will cause as fine material is disturbed. So, why isn’t the USA leading and collaborating in researching this potential resource? Coal seems like a backwards step when exploiting underwater sites for rare earth metals would mean being able to have the resources for our space programs, renewables, electronics, etc. I know it has the potential to damage the ocean, but eventually it will become economically feasible and it will be exploited whether or not there is concern for the damages. Of course, this will mean lots of supporting jobs to make it happen.

Why Did Greenland’s Vikings Vanish?

We need to stop the example of the North Carolina political power struggle from happening in the Federal government. The NC government is using it’s power and law creation abilities to benefit one political party before another party can take office. Authoritarian dictatorships and totalitarian regimes do the exact same thing, like Fidel passed on power to his brother and countless other countries over the centuries did the same. This is the very example of the two party system that George Washington warned us about to avoid. If we work together as a nation we can move forward to form a more perfect union. Divided means there will struggles. Instead of a peaceful transfer of power, it just decays. We’ve already had a civil war which started because for decades the divided parties were trying to out do each other with laws to gain a political edge. After the civil war, civil rights were eroded away by gas lighting the culture.

The true story of how Teen Vogue got mad, got woke, and began terrifying men like Donald Trump

Donald Trump is Gaslighting America

America’s Stake in Taiwan

Fairness for All: Evangelicals Explore Truce on LGBT and Religious Rights

Check out what is happening in the Southern Baptist Convention: Marginalizing Russell Moore is grave mistake for Southern Baptists It seems the SBC is arguing amongst themselves because they were stuck voting for Trump and are upset some actually voted for him while not having the power to do anything about any of it. Trump tweeted negatively about Moore back in May sparking backlash among the SBC against Moore for being against Trump and now won’t have access to the President. One party won but no one has any power, and are just now figuring out that the people have the power, sort of. It’s the Franciscan and Jesuit power struggle all over again. See the movie Silence.

Prejudice of Poverty: Why Americans Hate the Poor and Worship the Rich

How do Christian’s fit into the two-party system? They don’t Maybe I need to shout this to those in the back of the room so they hear too. A person of faith can belong to any political party and even change affiliation as needed. This article gives the example of the early church taking care the poor, immigrants along with others, and even ending racism, which according to one political party calls that liberal. It’s yet another example of people name calling others that have a different view. A politician can have personal views on living life and also vote on things contrary to those beliefs due to the rule of law. One example is a local city council member who happens to be Muslim can vote to approve an alcohol sales license due to the laws already in place. I’m not sure most realize this can be done. There once was a city clerk who refused to approve gay marriage licenses and even was sent to jail, that’s one of those situations where if the person can’t do the job then they may need to resign. Anyway, the political parties have been changing back and forth as they evolve, the parties now aren’t even the same as when they started. One quote I always remember is of an Native American Chief was asked why he wouldn’t become Christian, and his response was that he didn’t like wearing pants. Making Christianity associated with a particular political view has long lasting negative affects, today that same chief may say he wouldn’t become a Christian because of the conservative political views. How Florida Republicans Are Talking About Impeachment This is another opinion article based on real life observations. Some of the political views the author encounters will seem alien.

Charlie Rose interviews Jon Stewart: The Daily Show Lots of great quotes.

A look at how politics has evolved: Retired House members discuss the challenges of partisanship. It’s interesting to see that lines are drawn and elected representatives can just fall under party lines instead of listening to the variety of people that are in districts, they eliminate the variety by creating a majority. My next question is, who is defining the party?

Are we at war with Mexico again?

The media is gearing up to have a field day with Trump. So many questions are still left unanswered as answers are given. Not even a week into this and we have “alternative facts” added to the vernacular.

We don’t know why a wall needs to be built better between Mexico and the US. Wasn’t fences originally built to keep out diseased livestock? It then became a prejudice issue to build something better. People seeking a better life will find a way in. Yeah, we want to keep out heroin, cocaine, and other illegal drugs. Planes, boats, tunnels, T-shirt cannons, drones, and what ever you can think of will be used to supply the demand for illegal drugs. Here is a wild idea, how about changing the problems that leads to drug use and abuse to decrease a demand to escape from reality. Insisting that Mexico pay for it already has their president and diplomats canceling meetings. Of course even during the campaign the Mexican President already gave a hell no response. Keeping this up, yeah, they will just use a t-shirt cannon or catapult to shoot pesos over the wall at random locations until that bill is paid off. If our president has problems diplomatically with our neighbor, what will this mean for major negotiations with Britian, Russia, China, or even North Korea?

Will Megan Barry Defy the President? Oh, so conservative Republicans have been saying for decades that we need less government involvement and not give in to depending on federal dollars. This will flip their playbooks when they realize a Democratic mayor actually will do just that over the issue of having local law enforcement to target immigration status.

So, the day after the inauguration, there was the Women’s March. Not even twenty four hours in, the March happened. It was inclusive and peaceful. It brought out a lot of signs that mentioned many different issues.

Republicans Reveal How Badly They Misunderstand America

What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash

Have Americans Given Up? Keep studying history so it doesn’t keep repeating.

The Unsung Architect of Trumpism Following the money of polls, you can see who is looking for stats to use to say what ever that will get attention.

Let’s mention that it came up in Congress that ISP’s can now sell your internet history. Marsha Blackburn who introduced the bill argued that this will help your privacy and security. We’ve been wanting websites to end that practice since it violates our privacy. Now you internet provider can sell your history to who ever. Thanks for looking out for the big companies and not the people. If we learned anything from this, politicians will listen to those who pay the most rather than actually the voters who put them in office. This benefits the corporation as the trends are changing in how people are using the internet over cable/satellite services. They can now sell your viewing and browsing history to who ever, as in your privacy is eroded.

How about a new history book, The Evangelicals: The Struggle to Shape America. Just read the description for excerpts of the history. Hopefully the book has more details, but there is couple of paragraphs that might help explain some factors that shaped part of the election.

Put It Into Print: The Future Of Manufacturing In America (And Everywhere Else) Is Emerging, Layer By Layer, At This GE Plant

Ghitis: Trump has finally gone too far No longer can be called the “leader of the Free world”. Every president has to earn that title, it’s not handed down to the next successor. Leadership is earned, it can not be bought not gained through force or expressions of wealth. None of us want to just do something because everyone else is doing, leadership also means being active in helping to fix problems and working with others for solutions. One nation’s polution will affect another nation, water moves and air blows regardless of borders. Also, just because you don’t want pollution in your area doesn’t mean you should move operations to another country to pollute their land and affect their health. Everyone should be looking at solutions to clean up the planet and not abuse it. China’s Blue app is leading the way for citizens to report problems that need to be fixed, meanwhile we have states that have laws against collecting data on violators such as fracking sites.

I Grew Up In A Fundamentalist Cult — ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Was My Reality

I know the late night comics are mainly satire with Trump supplying lots of material, but they have been awkwardly true too. We have been needing the comic relief to grasp what has been in the news. Especially with the Russian influence.

The Russians have been using misinformation for a while. Fake news blogs that skewed information and collect huge sums of money from ads have been produced in former Soviet block nations. We know those have been around for a while, what we don’t know yet is how much of that has been encouraged by Russian leaders. Now there are resources are being used to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. His own son had a meeting with a Kremlin connected Russian lawyer about gaining campaign information. The Attorney General had already recused himself from the investigation. Of course Trump would fire the head of the FBI while it’s investigating any colluding with Russia, the same who said there wouldn’t be any criminal charges against Clinton for lost emails. What ever he didn’t like about Comey, it was bad timing concerning the Russian probe.

Inside Putin’s Russia This series sheds light on the conservative movement in Russia that Putin uses to show his power.

It’s been daily that we get a new tweet or a change in staff or impromptu remark that has no real direction. There has been no real policies on how to deal with foreign threats, such as the response to North Korea. Making heated public remarks only adds to what they want. Bully regimes will make threats to make another respond out of emotion. A real political policy will help keep things calm even in the middle of a legitimate threat against Guam.

Words carry weight in this situation, so battling against North Korea via Twitter and public remarks are not helping anyone. Open dialogue and negotiations have to happen. We’ll want the rest of the world supporting us when North Korea launches missiles. A military response will bring about some type of war, and we should be avoiding war at all costs. The same goes for mentioning a military option for Venezuela, they assume that means a threat and already said they won’t put up with it. Our military can support UN humanitarian aid.

On Friday evening, August 11, white nationalist/alt-right groups held a rally with tiki torches similar to Nazi marches prior to WWII. They were responding to the removal plans of a Confederate General statue. On Saturday a counter protest was also happening, while the original alt-right protest was deemed illegal. One of those plowed his car into a crowd killing one lady and injuring others as well in an act of terrorism. Trump did respond, but addressed blame on both sides. 48 hours later he did read a statement calling racism evil. Then 24 hours after that he basically went back to his original statement by pointing blame on both sides. The leaders of the alt-right groups were thankful for his statements. Republicans, business leaders, and committee members were not happy about his remarks. Meanwhile, there are situations with North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Syria, China, and more.

Germany’s Angela Merkel was quick to condemn the Charlottesville racist protest that lead to the death of one person who was in the counter protest. Germany does not have tolerance for the nazi and neo-nazi, they will even fine tourists who give the nazi salute. We won that war. These are some of the groups behind racism: alt-right, the white nationalists, white supremacists, kkk, Nazi, neo-nazi, anti-semitism, anti-immigration, sexists, anti-homosexual, fascists, hate groups, bigotry, and who ever else that supports hate and violent rhetoric. We’ve fought too many foreign and domestic wars and lost so many people. It was unacceptable then and it shouldn’t still be an issue now. These groups have ideas that have no place in our country. We have the right to peaceful assembly, we don’t have the right to violence or even to incite violence. Domestic terrorism happens and isn’t labeled as such as often as it needs to be. Hopefully during budget meetings there isn’t cuts to law enforcement that needs funds for more training.

Three hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, and Maria have significantly caused damage. Harvey hit Texas, Irma hit Florida, and Maria hit Puerto Rico. The island of Barbuda was heavily damaged by Irma, the British had been slow to support. Maria has devastated Puerto Rico. Trump wanted to got to Texas and then Florida, but so far we’ve heard nothing about going to Puerto Rico. Their infrastructure has been wiped out, remember that it is an island that doesn’t have easy access like the states. It’s going to be a while to get the logistics flowing.

Meanwhile, to distract from the healthcare fiasco in Congress, there are tweets swapping insults with North Korea and with football players protesting police brutality and racism. We had a few years that we thought we were post-racism, but that has not been the case. Thanks to the Ken Burns documentary about the Vietnam War, we’re reminded how bad racism was after the Civil Rights movement. People who swore to defend the Constitution, were returning from war to still face racism. It’s as if no one learned anything from history and are doomed to repeat it. According to the President’s statements I don’t think he ever learned from history that he lived through. Ironically, the football players and team owners responded with their own protests. The great thing about the First Amendment is that one side can quietly sit or take a knee to protest racism and those against that can take to social media to get angry and suggest all sorts of things like firing them and not watching football. One side is brave for their cause, the other is an angry lynch mob looking to get rid of the sports players. What about ending racism? Sit in’s at lunch counters happened, people responded to that. Athletes raised a fist to bring awareness of racism and police brutality, people responded to that.

Kim Jong-un and Trump tweeted about the size of their red buttons used to launch nuclear weapons. It was scary and juvenile. I can’t remember the day, but I did block him on twitter and reported it. The weird thing is that the next day it was announced that the account got shut down for a few minutes by a retiring employee about the same time I reported it.

North Korea and South Korea did have talks. The US wasn’t involved and the North Korean’s are sending athletes and officials to the Winter Olympics.
“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” A direct quote from Trump during a meeting discussing immigration. Congress members who are in families who immigrated from similar countries he called shitholes had to endure this racist comment. He went as far as suggest we need immigrants from countries like Norway or Asian countries that help us economically. Has he ever looked at history? Does he even know that people pay attention to his racist remarks? The world heard those words. We’re not having immigrants come here, they want to come here and make new life with the freedoms and opportunities the United States has. The Judeo/Christian bible makes it a point to help the foreigner, because they were foreigners in other countries that didn’t treat them too well. Trump attacks protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries

A hundred plus days Puerto Rico is still mostly on a blackout.

After the Parkland Valentine’s Day school shooting, leadership still hasn’t responded with ways to protect our students. We’re not addressing the mental issues, the guns being used, and why innocent people are being targets. Protecting our own citizens should be a priority so we don’t crumble from with in. A generation of students don’t want to be sitting targets. The president weakly addressed the issue. Trump has been a loyal supporter of the NRA. Just a year before, the president had signed a bill that turned back a law about gun checks for those with mental illness. That signing was done without and fanfare, and the media was only alerted with a note on an email. Hopefully the meeting with survivors of Parkland, Columbine, Sandy Hook, and others with actually result in practical changes. Students are scared to go to school and fed up with the lack of concern from law makers.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, had had his security clearance down graded.

Trump did announce plans that he wants to add tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, 25% and 10% respectively. Already Europe and Canada are scrambling to figure out the trade war that will happen. Meanwhile, Russian president Putin gave a speech that detailed nuclear missile capabilities. So a trade war and an arms race don’t mix well. A trade war means far more reaching consequences than just trying to help one industry that declined long ago. When the analysis is done we’ll get a better idea of what will happen economically. People here in the US don’t wake up one day and they want a career in making steel, maybe in the robotics and automation of making steel. Instead of investing in better equipment to reduce dangers to employees, it became better to buy foreign steel. Jobs are good, the trends have been changing for far too long to get out of some major manufacturing. We do make domestic steel, and it would be cool to study where and how much is made and used. Rolling back environmental laws won’t help matters much, that ends up affecting lots of people all in the pursuit of stuff. A tax on investment gains would be a high yield. Consumers pay the taxes and tarrifs anyway, remember, it’s the investors and shareholders who gain from the profits. Even the chief economic advisor resigned from the White House.

A former Russian spy was poisoned by an unknown substance. We’re not sure who ordered that. It’s been done before by Putin’s regime with a radioactive substance.

While the Russian probe is still going on, the adult entertainer that had an affair with Trump is suing to be able to tell her story since he didn’t actually sign the hush money agreement. So there’s that… This isn’t exactly a scandal, he’s been doing this sort of thing forever. His past behavior may be ok for his family, they are going to love him no matter what. He’s a husband, father, and grandfather to them. We don’t have to trust him. If he’s been making those kind of deals with his past affairs and handling pay offs through lawyers and dumby corporations, then what kind of decisions is he making for the country?

There is more about the Stormy Daniels affair that keeps surfacing. She has done an interview with Anderson Cooper. Trump’s lawyer’s office was raided by the FBI concerning records on him paying her off and for additional information. Comey released a book, and in it had information on what was happening behind the scenes of the Stormy Daniels affair, the Russian probe, and even the Golden shower incident.

While that has been happening, Syria’s leader, Assad, has used chemical weapons on his own people. That resulted in the president ordering a missile strike. A year later it happened again, with double the missiles hitting three sites. Russia’s Putin and Iran has held support for the Assad regime. The US State departments have been communicating with the Russians so that when the strikes did occur they can make sure the Russians are clear. This time it was a strike with the help of Great Britain and France. We’ll see what the fall out with the Russians will be.

The Last Temptation

How evangelicals, once culturally confident, became an anxious minority seeking political protection from the least traditionally religious president in living memory

Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009

The North and South Korean leaders got together for a peace summit and emerged with a new agreement amd an end to their war. Mean while Trump has been on the campaign trail boasting about his involvement. He also pulled out of Iran nuclear agreement, and so Israel has been exchanging fire with Iranian troups in Syria. Also the Palestinians are upset that the US embassy is moving to Jerusalem, there are protests. Three prisoners from North Korea were released. Trump used the opportunity to suggest that the news had the highest rating for the release even though it was 3am. And North Korea may pull out of the summot meeting with Trump, they consider themselves a nuclear state and don’t want to give the weapons they have up.

Meanwhile, Trump’s legal team claims he can’t be indicted. There are more Russian connections uncovered. We already know there has been a lot of propaganda in posts and blogs out of Russia and other regional countries before and after the election. The next bit of information being uncovered over Trump’s lawyer paying off Stormy Daniels is a document showing that Trump paid him a sum that falls in the range of the $130k that was used to pay her.

What I wonder is if there will be a return truth and seeking out better ways to understand each other. People seem to be using their power or position to do what they want with out regard to the consequences.

Trump May Be The Most Fiscally Reckless President In American History

No, The U.S. Is Not A Net Exporter Of Crude Oil The 40 year ban on exporting crude oil was repealed in 2015. One thing to consider is that there is crude harvested that isn’t used for making the products we consume.

So, the North Korea nuclear summit went ok. We aren’t nuking each other. It seems the details have to be worked out. The promises made on both sides at least sets up for future summits.

What has been in the head lines lately has been the immigration situation. Here is the main issue, people in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are not feeling safe in their own country and are seeking asylum and a better life in the USA. This has been going on for years. If a person can get here and live with family they had a good chance of getting into the system to begin the process to be here legally. The zero tolerance policy means there are more being retained at the borders and include those caught after crossing the border. People from Central America don’t have the facts on the process and still make the dangerous journey to get to the USA. The zero tolerance policy means people are being retained and possibly deported. Also kids are being separated from their parents. The Trump administration has been giving conflicting information and have been blaming another political party for the dilema, claiming he couldn’t do anything yet after much pressure was able to sign an executive order to keep families together. No one is asking how to help Central America so people would want to stay in their own country. The zero tolerance policy plus the laws to persecute people for entering illegally has been used as intimidation to keep people from wanting to get to the USA. We’re not asking how to help Central America, building a wall or imprisoning those who want to imigrate is not solving the issue. While our nation is focused in Middle East and Asian countries, our own neighbors are being neglected. A border wall or bad imigration laws and policies are not fixing the problems when we could be working with Central American. It’s like there is a prejudice against them, the border policies are being used as a deterrent not as a solution.

Who’s Really Crossing the U.S. Border, and Why They’re Coming

Thanks to a court order, there is a dead line to reunite kids and parents. Sadly during the separation, they were put in two different systems that weren’t required to work together. Now there is problems reuniting families. What happened to avoiding crule and unusual punishment?

There is continued rhetoric from the campaign style speeches. The insults and language used is divisive. It may sound appealing to some but it is not acceptable of a president to make derogatory comments.

The trade war has started with China. Tariffs have been added by the USA, China has responded by added tariffs. We’ll have to wait and see how this affects the economy. Never mind that the unemployment rate rose as the trade war has been anticipated.

As part of a European tour, Trump met with the Queen of England. Of course there were big protests. Also some embarrassing moments with protocol.

After a closed meeting in Helsinki, Finland, Trump and Putin held a press conference to disclose the results of their conversation.

Trump embraces longtime US foe Putin, doubting own intel

There was no confrontation over Putin’s action. It’s as if Trump had no concerns over Crimea or any of the other military actions done. Plus he doubted our own intelligence agencies, taking Putin’s word that it wasn’t Russia. Evidence shows that people in Russia have been creating contemt just to make money off of ads. The American people shouldn’t be using this as a scape goat for falling for fake content creators, internally this has been going on for years not just on the internet. Long before the 2016 elections, people had been creating fake news sites and making money off the ads. They would create anything just to make money, fake news would spread faster than real news especially on social media. To be fair, Putin doesn’t have to say much to get fake news created to influence social media, making money is enough incentive for people any where. It’s the hackers that are the real threat. There have been indictments made against 12 Russian hackers. What really is important is that Putin has acted militarily in former Soviet Union nations without consequences.

‘Shameful,’ ‘treasonous,’ ‘disgraceful’: Trump slammed from all sides for news conference with Putin

Trump-Putin Summit

Trump continues to gas light by saying he is standing strong against Putin but in reality he has been doing the opposite.

After WW2, the Soviets kept the pressure and Korean war going so that the US didn’t build up in Europe. The Americans thought it was better to fight in that war than to fight WW3 with the Soviets.

The the trade war with China is going badly, farmers are one of groups that are being directly affected. They have been working decades to establish business connections abroad and this tariff trade war is not helping them. Farmers prefer Trump do trade deals than hand them cash Apparently the current solution is to pay farmers to make up the loss in money, with no details on how the hurt farmers can apply. Meanwhile farmers who sell domestically will face the challenges a surplus in the market and declining prices. Who thought any of this was a good idea? No one wants a temp hand out, especially not knowing if they will have those markets next year or they have to find new markets with the expectation of tariffs. Of course food being bought can be distributed to food banks and nutritional programs, which we should be doing anyway to feed people.

His daughter is shutting down her fashion company. Companies have been removing her product lines from their stores.

Hold the presses, there is a recording released that has Trump in a conversation about buying the story rights of a Playboy Model he had an affair with, this is so she will be quiet about the affair. He wanted to use cash and his lawyers said he needed to set up a company, maybe an LLC, to pay through. Trump says ‘too bad’ after Cohen audio recording released and also there’s this article, Trump recorded discussing paying for Playboy model’s story

“We All Knew About the Trafficking”-The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1)

How Donald Trump sees himself

What’s happening now? There has been hearings for the Supreme Court position that is open. Brett Kavanaugh is in the hot seat. And there is a flag on the play. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her testimony of being raped, she didn’t have anything to gain from this. I’ll let you go find that testimony, she did great being brave. The next day, Kavanaugh gave his defense and was angry and emotional about it, he seems entitled. Both are worth watching so you can witness the differences. I would like to point out that she has nothing to loose or gain, while he is trying to land a prestigious job with many benefits for politics and direction of legal rulings for many years to come, and even face disbarment from further investigation. The Senators did vote to delay the vote for a week to allow time for a FBI investigation into the matter. What the FBI will do is gather information and make reports on the interviews they conduct. Here’s the thing, the FBI doesn’t take this sort of case, so the President has to order an investigation, they won’t interview more than they are allowed. There are so many questions. At one time leadership would have quietly withdrew or never made the nomination based on the information at hand, mainly to protect all parties from public scrutiny. Well we have a president that doesn’t think in those terms, and is one who has paid off or had lawyers take care of his actions. Ford and Kavanaugh have been thrown out into the public eye. Senators have been angry that this was brought up, even though Ford’s testimony was submitted months prior when the nominee was on the short list. For the sake of Justice, we have to listen to the facts and both sides.

The President went on to mock Ford’s testimony at one of his rallies. This kind of shaming behavior hasn’t been acceptable in lesser men. Due process of justice means that the facts need to examined, we know that or else we are subject to being judged the same way. His actions and words divide the people, especially when this could have been a chance to unite people together. This President is morally bankrupt. The gambling debt should have been enough to remove the nomination.

And then the Senate voted to accept Kavanaugh… 50 to 48… I don’t even have the words for this.

Sadly I’m not surprised, but I am sad that it did happen. There’s the bigger picture of the lack of morals and acceptable dignity. Everyone is already on edge, there are some who think they can do what ever they want and are entitled to power and prestige while others want to see changes that benefit everyone equally so they have a chance at a better life. The President is leading his political party to be divided from those who oppose and not listen to other sides of issues. Political parties don’t have the same meaning they once were, laws get passed that suppressd groups or limit growth. What is wanted are leaders to represent everyone in office, not one who listens to those with the money to buy their votes.

Ok, there’s a migrant caravan of people who have gathered from Central America that has been marching through Mexico. The president’s rhetoric has been been to say there could be terrorists and criminals among them, especially emphasizing that middle eastern terrorists are marching. The Mexican officials and news media hasn’t seen much of that at all. The president has called for more border patrol and cutting funding to Central American countries. Ironically cutting funding is a good thing since the countries are unstable and has human rights violations. Even if there are bad people in the caravan, there are so many more who are wanting to escape poverty and the repeated threats of death from the ones controlling their lands. The day after the election, there wasn’t anything else mentioned in the president’s tweets about the caravan.

The Khashoggi killing at the Saudi embassy in Turkey has been putting attention on the relationship of the US and the Saudis. One religious leader thinks we should be careful not to mess with the arms deal with the Saudis, basically saying that one life being murdered by a Saudi Prince and their integrity isn’t worth the jobs that might be affected. There had been a cover up and Turkey has stayed on top of it to get answers from the Saudis. The CIA has linked the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia to giving the orders for the killing. The president has refused to listen to the recording of the killing. Questions have been raised on how to sanction the crowned prince, the president has given no indication that any thing will be done.

The midterm elections resulted in many first. Two Native American women won. More women were elected to Congress. The Democrats are a very diverse group in the House, while the Republicans look mostly white males.

Leading up to the midterm elections, ads and rhetoric turned attention to the caravan as if it was an invasion.

White House pulls CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s pass after contentious news conference

White House bans CNN reporter after confrontation with Trump

How to Salvage Congress

There have been two devastating wild fires in California, one near Thousand Oaks where the bar shooting occurred and another in Northern California that wiped out Paradise. The death tolls have continued to rise. The president for some reason blamed the fires on the lack of land management to take care of it, while threatening to cut funding which is ironic since his administration has been cutting funds to federal land management. The fires were mostly on federal land and spread to wipe out towns and neighborhoods.

I’m exhausted… Mentally drained by the latest news…

Cohen was sentenced to 3 years, Trump’s personal lawyer. Yes he is cooperating with the investigation.

Trump’s charity was shut down, it was not an actual charity but a personal source for funds. We already knew that from the election campaign.

He announced a win in Syria, which was not a win, and withdrawal of troops. This abandons the Kurds who have been struggling to have a place of their own. They will end up releasing Isis fighters, and all this will start over again when they gain support. Yikes…

Mattis resigned as a result of that announcement.

The whining about wanting a wall has resulted in a partial government shutdown. Right before Christmas. This continues to cause more chaos. Why isn’t there negotiations with the Central American countries to fix the problems that are driving people out. Of course people want to go to the USA, why is this wall going to help when we welcome planes and ships in from many countries?

There has been a partial government shutdown. This is because the president is threatening to veto the budget until he gets his wall.

The shutdown went on for 35 days. It ended after some compromises by the president. Basically he didn’t get all the money for the border wall and there is still nothing on how to help Central America with the problems that are causing the migration. Then, in order to get the funding he wants, he declared a national emergency. Money would have to be diverted from somewhere, perhaps from the California wildfires or even Puerto Rico. The flooding in the Midwest, Nebraska was hit hard, is a real emergency. Also closing the border will create another type of emergency since we trade with Mexico. What about helping Mexico with it’s problems. Also maybe help Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Longest shutdown over: Trump signs bill to reopen government

The Mueller report came out. One justice department summed the 300 page report down to 4. Apparently the Russians did attempt to influence the elections but there wasn’t any collusion. Basically it doesn’t reach a lot of conclusions.

Mueller Report PBS News tag

It seems that Trump just surrounds himself with people who does what ever they think will make him happy. His former lawyer, Cohen, basically just went off Trump’s hints and cues and even his reputation to make deals. With that and the chaos of the White House, I’m just going to say that Trump’s non-existent leadership style has been dependent on his followers just doing activities that would please him. It’s like he just takes credit for the good things and can easily dismiss anything else by denying the direction they take. As an elected leader/representative, that will cause the chaos that has been plaguing the administration. The president has been using his tantrums and divisive speeches to try to get his pet projects done.

Trump lashes out at Central America, Mexico on border

Trump Criticizes Central American Nations on Border Security

Foreign aid to Central America is in limbo because officials are afraid of Trump

Ilhan Omar, AOC, and the silencing of women of color in Congress

FACT CHECK: Trump Wrongly States Obama Administration Had Child Separation Policy At a press conference with Egypt’s president, Trump attempted to claim his administration didn’t start the child separation at the border and blamed it on Obama, when in fact it was the then attorney general Jeff Sessions who started it under Trump in April 2018. This is another example of Trump saying one thing wrong while those working for him are doing something completely different.

The Mueller Report came out. Trump has been going on a Twitter rant for days. Barr’s four page summary from weeks before the report’s release lacked a lot that was in the report.

Mueller Report Reveals Trump’s Fixation on Targeting Hillary Clinton This is an example of Trump wanting to do something illegal and those who worked for him refused to go down a path that would do greater harm to his presidency.

On Easter, 4/21/2019, there were bombings in Sri Lanka churches killing at least 200, with expected numbers to reach 300.

US threatens to veto UN resolution on rape as weapon of war, officials say

Update: UN waters down rape resolution to appease US’s hard line abortion stance Women’s rights and LGBT rights need to be expanded as a human rights issue. Some countries want to support the reproductive health of rape victims especially those who face the lifetime stigma of being rape victims.

North Korean leader warns of return to tension; Trump thanks Putin

A beluga whale with a harness was spotted off shore from Norway has raised questions on what the Russians are doing. Norway borders Russia, with a major naval base close to Norway. The Russians have been flying bombers and fighters in the area staging military flight patterns very close to Norway’s space. The Russian super quiet subs sail from that naval station. So the beluga with a harness is raising questions. Beluga whale with Russian harness raises alarm in Norway Trump has already complained that Norway and other European countries have not been supporting NATO. Trump complains about NATO and trade deals on return from France

Lie No. 10,000 is really a whopper

Tennessee moves to sabotage its own health-care system How about taking care of people.

The 10% tariff on Chinese made products has already meant raised prices for the American consumers who buy those products. Trump continues to claim that China pays for the tariffs, but the consumers pay that price. The 10% is about to end and be raised to 25%, so that means even higher prices for consumers. China has already cut off accepting recyclables which has already affected recycling programs that depended on China. There have been many factors in why manufacturing has shifted to other countries, such as stock holders, environmental laws, labor costs, how quick a factory can retool, facilities not producing or not being sold off so towns can attract new. On a side note, instead of allowing a company to leave a facility empty as a tax write-off, a town should be able to seize the facility and attract more work for the community. All China has to do is say they will no longer trade with the USA for whatever reason,

The tariffs on China are raising from 10% to 25% even while trade talks are going on. North Korea has been launching missile tests. Iran is pushing against it’s nuclear deal. Venezuela is seeing more support from Russia. There’s a lot of tension happening around the world. Meanwhile domestically, Trump has been continuously creating a divide between political parties, has been creating a racial divide with his administration, and is contending with the results of the Mueller Report.

U.S., Iran tensions unyielding, Europeans reject Iran ‘ultimatums’ over nuclear deal

Wall St. dips as investors await outcome of U.S.-China trade talks

WATCH: Trump hosts Boston Red Sox at the White House The racial divide has kept people away from White House events that are meant to be bipartison.

There is an aircraft carrier group positioned in the Persian Gulf to hold pressure on Iran, mainly because of some attacks that happened on some freighters. Iran say they weren’t responsible. There has been no mention of the US leaders about anything war related. The Iranians are backed into a corner and are doing what it needs for survival. Are we about to fight a war with Iran for the Saudis? Anything that happens with the aircraft carrier group will just add to the tension. Also, the threats from Iran have not been backed up by key allies who are also in Iraq. Personnel are being evacuated from Iraq as the tension with Iran escalates. We know that John Bolton has called for a regime change in Iran, Trump has put him in his current position. What we don’t know is what Trump will do, he wants a nuclear deal with North Korea but pulled out of the one with Iran. Why is a war being set up by those under Trump? Didn’t we learn anything from Iraq? Since Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, why do we have any rights to be putting any pressure on Iran?

US sends aircraft carrier and bomber task force to ‘warn Iran’

AP EXPLAINS: Why send a US aircraft carrier to the Gulf?

There is an aid bill that passed to provide money to those affected by the China trade war, that’s a good thing to help. However, there wouldn’t be a need for the aid if the tariffs hadn’t been in place. China does need to be held accountable for many of it’s practices that undermines fair trade, and that can be done with proper negotiations. Farmers don’t really want aid, they want to sell their crops.

AP fact check: Trump takes credit for Obama’s gains for vets

Before leaving on a trip to England and Europe, there were threats of a tariff on Mexico to make them do something about the Central Americans traveling through Mexico to the USA. This would be a 5% tariff now and an increase to 25% in the fall. The Mexican government did actually negotiate and promised the send more troops to their southern border. The trade between Mexico and the USA is so interwoven, basically depending on each other. The tariff tactic is not helping keep things friendly and peaceful. Tariffs by the US government are taxes on the US citizens who buy the products. In the early US history, tariffs were the only fund raising, taxation, that could be done.

A Brief History of Tariffs in the United States and the Dangers of their Use Today

DOCUMENT: The Tariff History of the United States (Part I)

DOCUMENT: The Tariff History of the United States (Part II)

Economic history shows why Trump’s ‘America First’ tariff policy is so dangerous

Trump’s threatened tariffs on hold after deal with Mexico

What the research says about border walls

Oh, most of the deal with Mexico had already been arranged, even as far back as December. So basically there was a threat of tariffs and Mexico quickly responded in negotiations what they already were doing. Why did Trump threaten tariffs and the risk of economic instability? Did he forget to read the briefs over things already happening before tweeting his threats? What is this distracting from? Do leaders normally create problems and then fix them claiming success? Would a leader use threats as a tactic?

Trump Is Awfully Sensitive About His Confusing Immigration Deal With Mexico

Trump claims undisclosed component to US-Mexico migrant deal, Mexico contradicts him

The deal that Trump announced to avert tariffs on Mexico reportedly mostly includes things Mexico agreed to do months earlier

Mexico denies Trump’s claim of secret concessions in deal tv-drama…


Tankers struck near Strait of Hormuz; US blames Iran

ABC News’ Oval Office interview with President Trump Um, basically he said he would collude with a foreign entity or country for information on an opponent, he invited foreign entities to offer him information. Is this even up to the standard of dignity of the President? Is this how a president should act? Gossip at the expense of our country? Can’t the CIA and the FBI confirm the information without owing a foreign country or entity? Isn’t this what the Mueller Report was about? Does he even know it is interface?

The 2020 campaign started. Ironically, there were things in that speech that repeated what the Democrat nominees have said too. It’s very divisive rhetoric.

The Shadow Cabinet: How a Group of Powerful Business Leaders Drove Trump’s Agenda

A drone was shot down by Iran, and yes they claimed this one. There were two tankers attacked and they didn’t claim those, it’s even possible a rogue leader did those attacks.

Trump summons security team, calls Iran attack ‘big mistake’ One thing I do know is that the US American people do not want yet another war. Strategically we have Iran surrounded on several fronts, with Iraq and Afghanistan. This would be a good time to see if Iran wants to return to negotiations. At least Trump’s response is that some one made a mistake even if it was a leader acting on their own which is probably more true of the attacks on the tankers.

The Latest: Saudi Arabia say it intercepted 2 Houthi drones Saudis have suspected that the Iranians have been supporting the Yemen rebels. Also we should still be calling the prince who had the journalist murdered. Also, it’s very possible that if we go to war with Iran we would be fighting it for Saudi Arabia. Plus there is the human rights issue that the UK is dealing with the Saudis too.

There is a lot going on.

  • Hong Kong protest over new law to extradition of criminals to mainland China.
  • Protest in Georgia over the Russian annexing.
  • Saudi Arabia violating human rights against Yemen, and the Houthi war crimes against Saudi Arabia.
  • Tension with Iran.

There was a plan to retaliate, but it wasn’t carried out. We know he has said that he doesn’t want to start another war and even wants to finish the ones already going on. The reason we have the drones is that they are unmanned and if shot down it is just an equipment loss. What ever the drama was about calling off a mission at the last minute, at least something wasn’t done that would definitely spark a major issue. There are advisors under Trump that are bent on taking action on Iran that will lead to war. The FAA has restricted American airplanes from flying over and near Iran, the Iranians could have targeted passenger planes flying in the nearby airspace at the time of shooting down the drone. We don’t know what the regimes are doing in Iran or if they are even in control of all of them. Stumbling around and having to make decisions with out clear information may lead to a problem will trying to figure out what is the best to get Iran to negotiate.

Do the Iranians even want to talk to Trump and his administration? They did under Obama, but Trump backed out of the Iranians nuclear deal in place and the tension has risen.

Of course let’s not forget the concentration camps that the border agents use to house the immigrants who have been crossing the southern border from Mexico. 72 hours is the max they should be held before moving on to the next step of processing. The ICE are not getting them for processing to get them back to their parents. Funds and communication has been breaking down to get get these needs taken care of.

A firsthand report of ‘inhumane conditions’ at a migrant children’s detention facility Remember, before the Civil war during the slave era, separating kids and families was used as punishment or at the whim of the white people.

Iranian hackers wage cyber campaign amid tensions with US Cyber attacks are not a new thing from Iran.

mp says he aborted retaliatory strike to spare Iranian lives

After calling off strikes on Iran, Trump suggests patience

If you don’t know, now you know: Sudan |The Daily Show This has been over looked.

These U.S. states are hit hardest by Trump’s tariffs Tennessee has the highest number.

Trump went to the G20 summit in Osaka, his daughter was also there. After a social media post via Twitter, a meeting with North Korea was arranged. North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un had his delegation killed after the last meeting. Protests continue in Hong Kong over the Chinese law to extradite criminals to the mainland. Meanwhile, members of Congress toured the facilities along the border used to hold asylum seekers and were appalled.

Trump and Kim’s DMZ meeting mixes show and substance

Kim-Trump border meeting: History or just a photo-op?

Six key takeaways from the G20 summit in Osaka

Putin says liberalism ‘eating itself,’ migrant influx wrong

Ivanka Trump’s G20 performance puzzles world leaders

France urges Iran to reverse breach of nuclear deal

Ocasio-Cortez describes ‘horrifying’ conditions at Texas migrant facility

Rich get richer, everyone else not so much in record U.S. expansion

‘Help’: Photos show hundreds of migrants squashed into cells, appealing for assistance Plus there has been a Facebook group used by Border Patrol agents for racial and sexual slurs. What if US citizens had to become refugees, would you expect to be treated the same as these have been treated?

Trump digs in amid censure of racist tweets about lawmakers This is rhetoric aimed at Congress members, US citizens. This was not about criminals, this was directed to representatives of the United States. Ironically, they are the government and are being paid to tell us how to run the government. The four ladies are also known as the squad. Trump complains about anything and everything, using his rhetoric to divide the nation and cast blame on anyone not like him. His rhetoric is in line with racists and white nationalists who use it to insult, degrade, and treat people of color as second class citizens.

House passes resolution condemning Trump’s racist comments

House condemns Trump ‘racist’ tweets in extraordinary rebuke

Angela Merkel: ‘I distance myself’ from Donald Trump’s racist comments

Tension still rises with Iran, they captured a tanker with a British flag.

At a campaign rally, the audience chanted “send her back”, the previous popular rally chant has been “lock her up”. Apparently there are complaints about those who complained about issues in the US. Trump’s rhetoric on those seeking asylum is that they should stay and make changes for things they don’t like. That is exactly what the squad is doing when they make so called complaints, attempting to make changes in their own country which happens to be the USA. Trump’s rhetoric favors those for him and rejects those against him. The United States has always had the freedom of speech. Trump’s speeches have been for his base and divisive against anyone else. Don’t forget that Trump complained a lot about Obama and complained about a football player who knelt in protest of racism.

Robert Mueller was interviewed by two committees of Congress. Basically Trump can be indicted after he leaves office, this is due to the Justice Department guidelines to not indict a sitting president. The Mueller Report did not exonerate the President. As for the President’s praise for Wikileaks being problematic, he thinks that “problematic is an understatement”. Also the Russians continue to influence campaigns online, as Mueller said “They’re doing it as we sit here, and they expect to do it in the next campaign.” What we have learned from this testimony/interview is that Russia and other countries are learning how and that they can use our own online systems to spread what they want to. Pay for ads, use the algorithms to your advantage, convince people to readily share it, and you can spread anything, and I mean anything. When asked if it’s now the norm for a candidate who knows a foreign power is trying to influence an election and does not involve the FBI, Mueller responded “I hope this is not the new normal, but I fear it is.” The Russians did work to influence the election and while the Trump campaign may not have coordinated with them, they did accept the help.

Trump threatens Guatemala after its court blocks asylum deal

After the affirmation that Russian is interfering with elections and other countries now know how to do it as well, Congress attempts to pass a bill for election security… and it fails to pass… Congressional inaction on vote security puts onus on states Here’s the kicker, many states and counties don’t have the money to increase security. Cyberbullying is on the rise too, we’re not even doing enough about our internal issues that it is little wonder that outside influence can be damaging. And this is fun news for the future boys and girls, the budget passed with a trillion dollar deficit. That means kids now and those yet to be born will be inheriting a bigger debt. The Latest: House passes bipartisan budget and debt deal Why can’t we be smart about our funds? Both parties are now the debt parties.

Supreme Court: Trump can use Pentagon funds for border wall

U.S. Supreme Court lets Trump use disputed funds for border wall

Barack Obama shares op-ed criticizing President Trump’s ‘poisoning of our democracy.’

Pelosi denounces Trump’s ‘racist attacks’ on Rep. Elijah Cummings and Baltimore And there have been more tweets that attack others like Al Sharpton. This is not an oops or misspoken rhetoric, it is not becoming of the office. We all make mistakes and can learn to adjust.

Recently I got a newsletter from Marsha Blackburn. The letter had a section declaring that she was working on safe guarding our private information online. I have to cry foul on this, Marsha Blackburn introduced a bill under the guise to restore internet freedom that passed that ended net neutrality that had been passed under the previous administration. Trump had appointed a new head of the FCC, and thats when they started to work to repeal the net neutrality laws. The law made it so corporations could exploit people’s online presence. Now she is wanting to keep our private information like our search histories safe, so we can opt out. We already had laws that needed improving to better protect people rather than benefit corporations. The opt out option would have been a better solution to strengthen the net neutrality laws that existed. Ever wonder why over the last year there was a major up tick in the pattern that you can be scrolling and then ads show up for what you are thinking or what you search for on different sites or apps, that’s what the law Blackburn did. The corporations can buy and sell your information a lot more freely, all they have to do is write it into their TOC. For example, if I wanted to put ads on this blog it would be best if I knew what you had been searching for or last saw that lead you to this page, the law would let me buy that information, your own IP could be exploiting this for their benefit too. This new round of laws for safe guarding private information is just a law to cover up what was undone when they should have been strengthening with clarity what was already there. This is the kind of think that we wanted to see stopped, laws being passed that protect corporations and take away protections for the people. What would be nice is if the people was considered first before the lobbist and special interest groups stop that. I cry foul if Marsha Blackburn is trying to look like some sort of hero in this.

Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton had mass shooter white terrorists kill people. At the festival in Gilroy, 3 were killed and the terrorist shot himself. In El Paso at a Walmart, the terrorist killed 20 and the police arrested that one. In Dayton, 9 were killed and the police shot that terrorist. This is heartbreaking. Leadership has to address that there are a lot of weapons out there that are designed to kill people and we need to be protected from those who intend to harm others.

Chinese companies halt purchases of US agricultural products

ICE and HSI raided factories in Mississippi taking people into custody, leaving kids without parents. On a side note, Koch Foods that got raided already was sued for the low wages and discriminatory/abuses in twirling conditions and owed 3.7 million for that. They were conveniently raided for people who may have immigration issues even though the company uses e-verify. Instead of going after the company that lost the lawsuit over employee abuses who were the ones who did the hiring, yhey went after the people who would best benefit from such a lawsuit to improve work conditions. Keep in mind there has been a switch from going after companies that hire thise with an illegal status to going directly after the people. Seems a company can get away with abuses that way, just turn over the people without really improving work conditions. Allegations of labor abuses dogged Mississippi plant years before immigration raids

When The U.S. Government Tried To Replace Migrant Farmworkers With High Schoolers This article is about 1965, don’t forget that the US had policies and a farming culture that goes back further than the current administration’s rhetoric would suggest.

FBI agents are livid that Trump is amplifying ‘bulls— theories’ about Jeffrey Epstein’s death ‘that have no basis in reality’

A running list of how President Trump is changing environmental policy Keep an eye on the changes that this administration has been doing to the environment. These things are to benefit corporations over people and animals. One thing that is being put in place is more transparency by declaring the cost of what it takes to save a species. Of course the plan is probably to say it cost too much to save a species or clean up the water or reduce air pollution so we can have the right to fresh clean air. We have super fund sites because some one approved things to be done that results in an epic disaster. These decisions are done locally, nationally, and globally. Court OKs Ban on Wildlife Cyanide Poisoning Across 10 Million Acres of Wyoming

Trump delays tariffs on Chinese cellphones, laptops, toys; markets jump Trump’s rhetoric has drastically changed to admit that US consumers are the ones paying for the tariffs.

Trump claims credit for Shell plant announced under Obama

There was a missile explosion in the Artic concerning a Russian missile test presumably of a nuclear powered. The US was conducting tests of nuclear powered missiles as late as 1967, due to radiation concerns the tests were ended. Russian military orders village evacuation, then cancels it

Trump official revises Statue of Liberty poem to defend migrant rule change What fresh hell is this… Trump official: Statue of Liberty poem refers to Europeans

Israel bars US congresswomen – with a nudge from Trump How is this even allowed…

There are reports of new jobs being added. I have a few questions, are these new full time jobs that pay someone a living wage? Are the jobs just another job a pesron adds on to the list of current jobs because the ones they have now don’t pay enough to live on? Are these long term jobs that one can retire with or are they temp jobs? What is the quality of these jobs?

US moves FEMA, Coast Guard money to fund border programs Meanwhile there is another tropical storm headed to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico braces for rain, power outages as Dorian nears Also for the third time Trump has not heard of a category 5 hurricane. For some reason he asked about nuking the hurricane, the nuclear fallout would be devastating.

Analysis: Trump’s conservative critics are speaking a code They are keeping the criticism on the down low.

Trump’s Dorian response: Par for the course This is sarcasm, but is also true.

Trump: ‘Bad people’ distorted Alabama Hurricane Dorian comments

‘Total devastation’: Hurricane slams parts of the Bahamas

Ever sent clothing or toys in response to a disaster? Here’s what probably happened to it Everyone should learn to give responsibly.

Air Force crew made an odd stop on a routine trip: Trump’s Scottish resort Curious about the spending, the oversight committee is on top of this.

As clinics close, more women go out of state for abortions Closing clinics doesn’t do what some think it should, people of means find alternative ways while those without make dangerous decisions or need financial support.

Trump’s Taliban invite another bold risk that’s unraveled What fresh hell is this? How is even going to work? Trump calls off secret meeting with Taliban, Afghan leaders

A new Cold War brews as Arctic ice melts

Exclusive: US extracted top spy from inside Russia in 2017

Exclusive: Russia’s show of military might in the Arctic

Trump fires national security adviser John Bolton This is the third National Security Advisor to leave.

These Republicans Are Running 2020 Primary Campaigns Against President Donald Trump

Trump admin won’t give temporary protected status to Bahamians who fled Hurricane Dorian What is wrong with this president, this isn’t American at all. This is like the regimes we have faught wars against. These are citizens of a neighboring country that was devastated. How would terrorists even get to the island to sneak in this way? How paranoid is he against people of color? This is racism, not a security strategy. This is the kind of thing that foreign powers could hold against the US’s character. This is a shame to turn away people in need. These citizens of course will tell their own government about how they are treated as guests, especially if the president’s administration treats them like assylum seekers reaching the southern border.

Trump strains to balance diplomacy, military threat to Iran After a Saudi oill refinery was attaked, then the tweets got a mixed bag of nuts. Does Trump know that tye Saudis will use the US to fight a war that we have no business getting into. Bolton went out just in time, he was bent on making war with Iran. PERSIAN GULF TENSIONS

Trump’s communications with foreign leader are part of whistleblower complaint that spurred standoff between spy chief and Congress, former officials say


Washington plunges into Trump impeachment investigation

How President Xi Jinping is transforming China at home and abroad

The impeachment inquiry: “We could not ignore what the president did.”

Trump Impeachment Inquiry (AP News) This an ongoing collection of news related to the Impeachment Inquiry. Hopefully this saves me from having to add links constantly.

U.S. prepares to withdraw from northern Syria before Turkish operation This is such a bad situation for the Kurds, abandoning an ally and leaving them to Turkey. Trump’s Syria withdrawal: Who stands to gain? And so it begins… Turkey begins offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria Oh my goodness, he should have known Turkey would do this so quickly since they were wanting to create the 20 mile buffer zone. Their targets are concerning. Just having US troops with the Kurds was protecting them from Turkey.

Kremlin relishes US pullback from Syria, turmoil in Ukraine

Syria’s Kurds look to Assad for protection after US pullout Also it’s heartbreaking that Turkey’s militia are committing war crimes.They also have no other choice but to try to get Russia to help.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump muddles facts on US Syria withdrawal

Trump warned Erdogan in letter: ‘Don’t be a tough guy’ or ‘a fool’ Is this how official state letters are written to foreign heads of state?

Trump leaves Turkey, Syria ‘to argue it out’ and clashes with U.S. House Speaker

Trump dismisses Syria concerns; Dems walk out of WH meeting The House voted to condemn the withdrawal of troops from Syria. To be fair Turkey has been planning this buffer zone plan for a while. Abandoning an Ally looses our credibility for future peace. The Kurds are scrambling for help from Russia and Syria. Basically we don’t know what the extent of what Turkey will do. Kurds have lost trust in the US, their future grandchildren will also not trust the US.

U.S. troops, Kurdish fighters to leave Syrian border region The Kurds are blaming Trump for this.

Trump says being president has cost him $2 billion to $5 billion Until tax returns are released, we really don’t know if he even has been making money. He could be exaggerating his potential earnings. Trump as president still operates like a business man that does what he wants and gets away with it when he should realize that as president he’s now a government official bound to the rule of law. He can’t do as he wants, he is still held accountable for his actions.

There were a few days that Nancy Pelosi and Trump said each had a meltdown. A photo of the meeting went out, in it was a room full of white men and just a few women with Nancy standing up.

Trump blasts critics who pushed him to cancel G-7 at Doral Camp David has been used before. Even his tweet saying he cancel that read like an advertisement for his resort.

US diplomat: Trump linked Ukraine aid to demand for probe

Opening Statement of Ambassador William B. Taylor – October 22, 2019

AP Fact Check The Associated Press has a helpful collection of fact checking articles, mainly related to the false claims Trump makes or references. The false claims of the week includes those made by other political parties.

Trump says US forces cornered IS leader in dead-end tunnel I caught the live news conference. I did notice that he cnetered the military operation on him. Any way, I also caught in the rhetoric for the Kurdish incident, he has made orders that the military protect the oil and that we should have got oil and money out of Iraq, nothing about doing it to help people or protect allies or even protect people. That just lacks integrity. AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s exaggerations on predicting bin Laden A Kurd operative got close to the leader, providing vital information. He did the right thing by helping despite the President’s abandonment of the Kurds.

Reuters Exclusive: U.S. withholding $105 million in security aid for Lebanon – sources This is a chance for Russia to provide the support they need.

The Latest: House passes rules package for impeachment probe This sets up the rules and procedures, and it even gives the Republicans more rites than they have given Democrats in the past. Trump Impeachment Inquiry

The Issues Surrounding Katie Hill’s Resignation Let’s call out the double standard of misogynistic culture, a male can do far worse and be elected president. California Rep. Katie Hill resigns amid ethics investigation Let’s call out the low life ex-husband who leaked photos with out her consent.

Trump to face limits of his power in impeachment hearings He’s been ignoring the checks and balances of the Constitution.

Pence praises rule that would let adoption agencies exclude gay parents This is a big no. How can I say no enough. In a particular religious belief system you can have your own rules for excluding others but for the public when you have people of many different beliefs you can not force people to follow your own set of beliefs. As a person of faith, I value the freedom of others too. The USA founding fathers lived under a system that required people to be under the state religion whether or not they actually believed in the state religion or not. The new world was the way to get away from such requirements, and taking away someone’s freedom outside of your own set of beliefs is no way to encourage people to even consider your beliefs. How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t If you can take time to read this opinion piece, you will find that in other countries people are able to be conservative in their church and what some here in the US thinks to be socialist in their politics and voting.

Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails I’m just going to leave this here for consideration, and this sort of thing needs to end.

NATO leaders appear to gossip about Trump in unguarded chat Not exactly representing the presidential office to the world. AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s misstatements at NATO summit And not exactly having his facts straight, it gets old when you have to fact check everything that comes from the president.

And this happened… Trump criticizes climate activist Thunberg after Time honor Who does this sort of thing? Like really, what kind of person does this?

Matt Gaetz misleads about Obama’s record on Ukraine military aid

Congress returns to McConnell’s legislative ‘graveyard’

In Senator Mitch McConnell’s Legislative Graveyard, Senate Republicans Block Commonsense Legislation To Secure Our Elections, Protect Americans’ Health Care, And Safeguard Pensions Earned By Working Americans

Mexican children shiver in tents at U.S. border as temperature freezes

While the House debates the articles of Impeachment… Under the fundamentalist rule of Republicans the ghostlighting rhetoric is that any one in the middle is the radical left, meanwhile those in the middle know what the radical left really looks like… Also, for someone who wants to drain the swamp, he sure does a lot of campaigning for the next election and very little to bring the people together, not spend time only speaking to his own supporters. One of the issues we all have is that once elected the representatives have to hit the campaign trail while also working on laws for the people. I know I posted an article on that earlier in this post.

Meanwhile, at a campaign rally happening at the same time as the Impeachment vote… Widow, Republicans and Democrats blast Trump for crass Dingell ‘hell’ comment

President Donald Trump impeached by US House, 3rd in history

Divided U.S. House impeaches Donald Trump in historic vote

Trump Should Be Removed from Office An editorial from an editor in chief, I’m more surprised it took this publisher this long to come to this conclusion.

Column: Trump’s tax cut was a mammoth fraud After 2 Years, Trump Tax Cuts Have Failed To Deliver On GOP’s Promises

Trump deploys more troops to Mideast after embassy attack

Top Iranian Commander Is Killed in U.S. Airstrike in Baghdad Iran says powerful general killed in US airstrike in Iraq For someone who has said he doesn’t want war, Trump knows exactly what to do to start one. Ironically, he tweeted years ago saying that Obama was using such tactics to win reelection. The Iranians are typically slow and think things through before retaliation. Haven’t the US been doing this back and forth for 40 years? This was a terrorist leader, the Iraqis would be glad for it, we’ll have to wait and see what the fall out will be.

US long watched Soleimani, but feared risks of a strike Congress didn’t approve this attack and also this is bringing Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea together more than it has been.

1998 US Embassies in Africa Bombings Fast Facts Attacks on US embassies have happened in the past, amd recently the protesters in Bagdad being aggressive towards the US embassy harkens back to those past events and what was done for those tragic events. I thought to put that idea here just to ponder. 1998August 07 U.S. embassies in East Africa bombed

Iraq vote, Hezbollah threat leveled at US troops in Mideast

Iraq wants foreign troops out after air strike; Trump threatens sanctions Ok, why are sanctions being threatened on Iraq if they ask the US to remove troops? It’s their land, their country. Bully tactics are not going to have the response he thinks they will give, tension will increase.

Extremists attack Kenya military base, 3 Americans killed

After years of U.S. reluctance, Trump orders killing of Iran general hiding in plain sight Ttump was given options on how how to respond, and taking out Soleimani was the one he picked… Let that sink in…

UN chief: Highest global tensions this century risk mistakes Ordinary people are the ones who suffer.

Scores Of People In Puerto Rico Remain Without Shelter, Power Days After 6.4 Quake The earthquake happened on January 7th. Puerto Rico Declares State Of Emergency After Quake Rocks Residents Awake The wildfires in Australia have been raging over most of the country, and the Iran conflict has been a distraction. Quake-stunned Puerto Rico hit by another 5.9-magnitude shock

Iran says it ‘unintentionally’ shot down Ukrainian jetliner At first they claimed it was engine trouble. A few videos and even a few pictures of soviet rocket parts quickly gave a different idea. This new Iranian report is more in line with what the rest of the world already knew. During the missile strike on the US airbase in Iraq, the Iranians shot down a civilian airplane full of couples and children traveling to Canada.

Trump Ratings Remain Low Around Globe, While Views of U.S. Stay Mostly Favorable Trump sticks to rallies with his supporters and does little to interact with the rest of the world.

Video: Iran police shoot at those protesting plane shootdown

AP FACT CHECK: Trump says Pelosi, Dems defended Iran general That is a necessary read. We expect Iranian officials to bend the truth or lie to their people, the president of the United States should fact check before speaking and tweeting. Even his press secretary got called out for a false claim… White House spokesman roasted over Obama tweet

How people around the world see the U.S. and Donald Trump in 10 charts

America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump

Racism in the Era of Trump: An Oral History

Russia Hacked Ukrainian Company Linked To Trump Impeachment, Security Firm Says

Putin shake-up could keep him in power past 2024 as cabinet steps aside

Governor claims ‘executive privilege,’ denies public records A little local news for Tennessee, ran on the platform to be more transparent but not so much so far.

Watchdog: White House violated law in freezing Ukraine aid

Why climate change means new risks for U.S. financial markets This PBS Newshour is about the Blackrock financial following the climate changes and making better choices that help instead of putting funds in harmful investments. The Democratics and Republicans can be dead locked against each other and nothing gets done or as power shifts they make laws that are then undone when the power shifts again. People are tired of it and their investments are going to better solutions for the world rather than sticking with the same old thing that has been harming the environment and hopefully they start noticing those who are taking advantage of workers too.

Word of the day from the Senate Impeachment trial: Pettiflogging

Got Impeachment Trial Milk? These Senators Do Apparently according to the old rules they can drink water and milk. A sketch artist, since cameras are not allowed to view the senators, included a sketch of one sleeping, someone writing with a quill, and a spittoon could be seen.

Trump Removes Pollution Controls on Streams and Wetlands I wonder if this is so his goof course companies can expand, and do it without regards to the consequences.

Pompeo Won’t Say Whether He Owes Yovanovitch An Apology. ‘I’ve Done What’s Right’ While the Impeachment trial continues, reporters are asking questions about the actions taken concerning Ukraine. I think Americans should be concerned about Ukraine. We know Iran could make a nuclear weapon, Israel and European countries can take care of that as easily as the USA when there is group support for action. Ukraine being attacked by Russia is another matter since that can be a world war level problem.

AP News: Trump Impeachment

Reuters search topic: Impeachment

Why Republicans are taking aim at a war hero to defend Trump That’s my Senator doing this, and it’s not appropriate. Dear Marsha Blackburn, bad mouthing someone is a reflection on your own character.

I’m not sure why the Trump defense lawyers keep bringing up Biden concerning. Biden’s actions concerning Ukraine was to end corruption and to bring in European help. Trump was trying to get political dirt on Biden to use against him in the campaign and was using money aid that was already designated and approved by congress. The lawyers theory was that this should be left to the campaign trail and not the impeachment trial… Yeah, that’s why we are having this trial to see if we need to get rid of him now or will have to wait until the next election cycle to vote in someone else. The witnesses, the actual recording of the phone call, documents, and the whistle blower will help determine the impeachment.

U.S. Supreme Court lets hardline Trump immigration policy take effect What fresh hell is this… Ok people, the word of the day is aporophobia. Didn’t anyone look at the anti-discrimination laws, should there be laws against eugenics. One day someone might get hurt at their job and so they shouldn’t be insured or even hired to begin with. Why was this needed, except to give biased rejects for no reason. Why did congress even allow such a thing the be brought up.

GOP lacks votes to block trial witnesses, McConnell concedes Well, witnesses and the whistle blower would be needed even if many in the GOP doesn’t want them to testify.

Trump peace plan delights Israelis, enrages Palestinians

Trump leaps into Middle East fray with peace plan that Palestinians denounce

Trump releases long-awaited Middle-East peace plan

Trump lawyer blurs lines between charity and profit

Trump trial could end soon; Alexander says no to witnesses While Alexander agrees that the Democrats have proved Trump did something wrong, listening to the witnesses will help determine the scope of his actions and the extent of the cover up that followed so it can be judged if it was worth removing from office or warrant other consequences.

Trump acquittal now likely Wednesday; Senate nixes witnesses

U.S. farm bankruptcies hit an eight-year high: court data

What does wealth inequality look like?

Becerra v Trump: How California is using the courts to fight the administration

The word of the day is Neoliberalism… This word is new to me and after some investigating, it’s the word I’ve been looking for. I’ve been lumping conservative, evangelicals, fundamentalist views together not knowing that this is the view point they have been adopting and adapting, and here it is in one word. Time and time again neoliberalism was good only for politics and did damage to the economy.

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

Neoliberalism: the idea that swallowed the world



Pros and cons of neoliberalism

What was liberalism? #3 Neoliberalism | Philosophy Tube

White House Touts Help For Poor Areas — But Questions Endure Over Who’ll Benefit

The Last Great Neoliberal Experiment Comes to a Neighborhood Near You

Treasury’s internal watchdog is probing the Trump administration’s Opportunity Zone program Kushner, Trump’s son in law, is involved.

Kushner sells stake in firm criticized for possible conflict

The Iowa caucus ended up having an app glitch for votes. The Senate had final trial arguments on Monday, Tuesday evening is the 2020 State of the Union address, and Wednesday is the Senate vote on the Impeachment Trial… And of course the opening remarks has errors. Let’s face it that poverty is a wider scope than we let on. My hometown is loosing 350 jobs this year while the company puts the company first knowing that there are not many replacement jobs to match, and it’s the community leaders job to attract jobs that do better for the community. Job numbers might be on the rise, but there are low wage jobs and people need multiple jobs to make a living. Millions have come off of food stamps, surprise, that happens when you make cuts and kick people off the program, but the military got funds. As for school choice, works great in cities with lots of choices already, but if you live out in rural areas the choices are slim to none. Homeless student population is at the highest is has ever been. There was theatrics that appealed to his base. Ok, definitely hitting the Neoliberalism check list and the speech was basically a campaign commercial. Why is Trump against the rest of the world?

Nancy Pelosi tore up the speech after it was done… People have been ranting and raving over that action… I’m goin to leave this here from 2018… Meet the guys who tape Trump’s papers back together

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s exaggerated ‘great American comeback’

Great American Comeback? Trump’s economy has both boom and gloom

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address

FactChecking the State of the Union

H.R.3 – Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act During the State of the Union address, Trump asked for a bill that lowers drug costs… Well, the house already passed it and it is in the pile on the majority leader’s desk for the Senate to go over and vote on. It’s already happened in the House and was bipartisan, and has been waiting in the Senate. This was an actual thing last fall, also pictures of the pile on the majority leader’s desk circulated around.

During the speech, Trump used some theatrics. One was to give the Presidential Medal of Honor to a very divisive racist radio/podcast personality. Keep in mind, this person has said a lot of extreme comments on politics and women, definitely not a good example for receiving the award. There are a lot more of the far right talking than those on the far left. I’ll say this here, the far right have and keep pushing things further right and spend a lot of time claiming everything that is not with them is a liberal socialist agenda. Most if not all of those in the middle know what socialism is and don’t understand how they can be lumped into that. I’ve posted about Neoliberalism already, and you need to read about that. The ones who want to keep progressing laws away from damaging the environment, support equal rights, education for all, raising people out of poverty, health care for those who can’t afford it, away from racism, and more gets lumped into being called liberal socialists by the far right conservatives. The talk radio and tv shows are opinions with theatrical entertaining methods to keep listeners coming back and to gain financial support. This is like YouTube celebrities who keep doing extreme stunts for likes and followers, and the next person who picks up followers goes even farther to get even more likes and followers. The same model is done with posts on social media, using anything to get attention to say something extreme, and to monetize from likes and shares. And this is how foreign sites make money and spread whatever, they wouldn’t be doing it if they weren’t making money from it since people keep clicking. Tabloids are another example of using extreme titles and photos just to get you to buy or click on their content. Wrong conclusions and rumors spread faster than actual news, and that’s also how the far right keeps going further to the right, so far right that they view those in the middle as the left… The Media Biased Chart version 5.1

The impeachment trial of Trump

Keep in mind that there was a National Prayer breakfast the morning after. Arthur Brooks read Jesus’ sermon on the mount, encouraging to forgive your enemies. Trump said he didn’t know if he agreed with him. https://youtu.be/fLDnhL648qI Remarks by President Trump at the 68th Annual National Prayer Breakfast This is concerning, considering that Arthur Brooks was reading from Jesus’ words. Loving Enemies Is Hard at Post-Impeachment Prayer Breakfast

Trump’s follow up speech, acquittal celebration, to the Senate Impeachment Acquittal is very divisive and speaks to just his followers, he is making no attempt to unite the nation. Bills passed under a Democrat majority are being overlooked, when if it was a Republican majority passing the exact same bill then it is praised and seen as congress doing something. The mixed messages are what people are tired of, in Congress and the White House political parties are not to be the dominate means of decisions when you represent all people. This speech just caters to his base and Republicans, in contrast when a Democrat speaks it is expected to address everyone no matter the politics or else they would be viewed as biased… The time is being used as a campaign speech… Loyalty will be rewarded ad of course wants the party to fall in line with his power over the party, and he is looking for revenge…

Speaking of revenge, or just plain if they don’t join in on his immigration crack down then he will have the Feds apply pressure. Trump administration limits New Yorkers’ access to travel passes Keep in mind that this is because of the New York license policy. The back story of the New York driver’s license law Ok, the conseratives want less government involvement and to give rights back to states, here we are seeing more Federal regulations upon a state. I don’t understand the switch in one of their fundamental tenants…

When you criticize something so much you run the risk of becoming the very thing you are criticizing… Trump is lashing out against his opponents, the response he’s grasping for would make anyone look bad if they met him with his own ethics and style… He did use a prayer breakfast to call out opponents, which is not what a prayer breakfast is for, it’s supposed to bring people together not be used to divide. The Maine Senator Who Said ‘No’ To Joe McCarthy Margaret Chase Smith said:“The American people,” she said, “are sick and tired of seeing innocent people smeared. …I do not want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny — Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Smear.” Remember, this was 1950, McCarthyism would kick in full force after this. And from Michelle Obama, when they go low we go high. No matter the party, you are expected to have dignity becoming of the office.

Trump claims his policies are driving great economic growth. What does the data say? Presidents and of course every other politician wants to complain about the last one’s economy and promise or even boast about what he will do to make it better, and even make claims policies are making it better. Reality, well, that depends on the confidence in leadership, rich don’t want to pay more taxes or not at all, the poor don’t want more taxes, and everyone really needs a lot from the government in many hidden ways we don’t see everyday and absolutely need to function as a nation. Spending, savings, and even investments change with trends. It would be nice if we didn’t have to worry about a particular political party being in charge, when in reality, the laws being passed should be from law makers working together.

Here’s the difference between a ‘socialist’ and a ‘democratic socialist’ I mentioned gaslighting earlier, and I want to emphasize that those who are democratic socialists don’t want socialism. Much of the rhetoric from the right/conservative/fundamentalist/Neoliberalism will confuse democratic socialists with socialism. Ironically, while democratic socialists are against authoritarian socialism, the right seems to be grasping that more and more to get their view point across, the book The Animal Farm covers how that happens.

Trump ousts ambassador who testified in impeachment inquiry

Trump ousts White House staffer who testified against him in impeachment: lawyer

Prosecutors quit as Justice Dept. seeks shorter sentence for Trump ally

Reality L. Winner, truth teller of Russian hacking in the 2016 US election, has been behind bars since June 3, 2017

Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New York

Emboldened, Trump defends right to interfere in criminal cases

Trump commutes Blagojevich sentence, pardons junk bond king Milken What in the fresh bizarro world is this? President Trump goes on clemency spree, and the list is long What about people who are serving ridiculous sentences for things far less consequential and are not his friends or acquaintances?

2016 again? Trump rejects intel reports of Russian meddling American people spread falsehoods and half truths faster than the Chinese coronavirus. It’s easy for misinformation to get created, and apparently the Russians don’t have to do much to spread it around, people are more than happy to spread it around and even make it worse. Oh, here’s an idea, shut down the monetizing of content or the ability to buy ad space here to those areas of the world, that would help slow down the motive to create such content. The change in director of the National Intelligence Agency is rather troublesome, they know the job and information needs to be shared whether or not a president is worried about how bad it reflects on him.

Trump angry after House briefed on 2020 Russia election meddling on his behalf Something concerning is that the replacement of director is not from the intelligence sector. This is more chaos.

Trump urges calm even as US reports worrisome new virus case This is concerning. Trump did propose cuts to the CDC and luckily Congress didn’t go along with that, also Pence initially botched an HIV epidemic sticking to party lines instead of public interest. Trump’s office will be more concerned with spread of criticism than the virus.

CDC Info: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CORVID-19)

New Research: Bats Harbor Hundreds Of Coronaviruses, And Spillovers Aren’t Rare


Stocks plummet amid coronavirus fears and oil-price crash

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s rosy take on govt’s handling of virus He’s more worried about his numbers than the number of lives at stake. His incompetence is showimg

The coronavirus is a globalist. Here are 5 ways that’s a problem for Trump.

One pf the ideas that came out of the White House is a cut in the payroll tax during the Corvid-19 crisis. Ok, this benefits the company but doesn’t do anything to provide relief to those who will lose work time and income during the illness. Maybe pay each person who gets corvid-19 so they can actually afford to take time off work to recover and avoid spreading the virus.

Analysis: Trump’s virus playbook offers US vs world strategy Trump is not a world leader, he does little beyond a focus on the US and his core followers to inspire respect from the rest of the world.

Reporter: White House Knew Of Coronavirus’ ‘Major Threat,’ But Response Fell Short This was so the numbers would be low for the campaign. Also this transcript gives an insight to the chaos. We’re behind other countries on tests.

Virus Outbreak AP News category

As coronavirus chaos spreads globally, Trump declares U.S. emergency

President Trump Declares National Emergency As Coronavirus Pandemic Grows

Trump Caught Google Off Guard With a Bogus Coronavirus Site Announcement

FACT CHECK: Trump’s Accusations About The Obama Administration And Swine Flu Keep in mind that Trump announced at a rally Monday March 2nd that he just learned about the number of deaths from the flu annually, everyone knows this but him. That’s why people are in a panic and Trump’s response has been lacking. Behind Trump’s coronavirus shift

Iraq officials: Rocket attack hits base housing US troops

Senate rebukes DeVos for cruel re-write to “borrower defense” rule

Dow falls 2,200 points, trading halted, as rate cut fails to calm markets The neoliberal play book is to place companies over people… Keep in mind that when people have reduced work that means less money being made for rent and spending. Money in people’s hand for spending and saving/investing puts money into the economy. What ever the government does to prop up corporations does little to build consumer confidence. The quick selling price drops means it’s a good time to buy before the prices go back up. Large companies are being hit hard, it’s going to be worse for small companies and individuals who can’t reboud as quickly.

Trump pushes for massive aid from Congress, checks to public Congress is having to work together for solutions. What is coming out is promising, what’s tricky is we don’t know what the president will say before it’s jad time to be reviewed. Right now a $1000 check means going to a bank sometime in April after the initial 15 day, and will help the momentum for the economy. Creating jobs that might be lost is going to be slow mainly because business has to be built up over time when we don’t know how long it will take for people to go back into public full force.

Virus poses a test: Can fractured Washington still ‘go big’?

One of the things that is happening is that essential medical supplies are being over run by Federal and state purchases as bids are not going to the most needs. Later we might be looking at how the Federal government is buying and companies are more than willing to get those contracts while hospitals and states are trying to get to those supplies, which may take a long time to get through the Federal government paper work. We’re not sure if this is helping at the moment. During a press conference, trump seems to think that contracts should be going to other needs before the Federal ones, in reality this may not be happening since some don’t have the guarantees that come with a Federal contract.

Trump angrily defends his handling of coronavirus pandemic

AP News:Virus Outbreak

CBS 60 Minutes: Fed official uncertain how economy will fare during the coronavirus crisis

Over 1.5 billion globally told to stay home to avoid virus

Analysis: Trump struggles to adjust to crisis presidency This reads like a Frontline documentary. Most of his rhetoric has been to blame others and criticize the very things he is having to do now, even taking credit for good things he wasn’t involved in. Decisions have to be made that are not political and are best for the first three words of the Constitution. We’ll see how this all plays out, Trump is good at stepping back and letting things happen so he gets the credit.

Tensions rise as $2 trillion virus aid stalls in Washington Nows not the time for shady practices placed in the bill, Congress has responsibility to the people.

FACT CHECK: Trump Says 50,000 Could Die From Flu. So Far, It’s Half That We have a lot of flu deaths and that is a reflection of our current healthcare system, we’ll have to address this since this new virus has already overwhelmed other countries and we are vastly dependent on jobs proving insurance along with paid time off to be able to properly handle this situation. AP FACT CHECK: Trump hype on auto industry and ventilators

Trump, Congress agree on $2 trillion virus rescue bill It’s now a waiting game. I don’t think going back to work just for the economy will have the results Trump is hoping for. It’s only beginning and Covid-19 will infect many.

Seasonal Flu vs. Pandemic Flu Sadly there are those during this pandemic that still think this is just another flu, this is a virus that is brand new to humans. This has to be taken seriously and like past pandemics such as the 1918 influenza, scarlet fever, typhoid, and cholera, even the various plagues that killed large numbers in Europe. What 1918 Spanish Flu Death Toll Tells Us About COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump signs $2.2T stimulus after swift congressional votes

https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1244320570315018240 Apparently it’s ratings over lives. People tune in to hear the president because we are not at work and we hope we are getting important information to save lives. People are tuning in to get information from Dr. Fauci who has a handle on what really is happening. Ratings during this time should only mean that people are getting the important information regardless of who the president is. Trump brags about high TV viewership of coronavirus briefings

Trump extends virus guidelines, braces US for big death toll

Trump backs off plan to reopen businesses by mid-April amid coronavirus warnings

‘We’re trying to keep our heads above water’: U.S. healthcare workers fight shortages – and fear

“Beyond anything I’ve seen in my career”: Doctors on the front lines describe surge in coronavirus patients

Healthcare for all, living wages, labor rights, and unemployment insurance cannot be viewed as far left. These are common issues. We need to treat each other well, and not abandon anyone.

U.S. Congress eyes next steps in coronavirus response

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s misfires on virus death rates, tests

U.S. senators defend selling shares before coronavirus crash Insider trading…

Double strike: Tornado, virus push Tennesseans to the limit

Stuck at home and jobless, Americans confront growing costs of coronavirus

3M warns against Trump’s order to limit face mask exports How we conduct ourselves during a crisis says a lot about who we really are.

Leaders back Navy firing of ship captain; sailors cheer him Some heroes don’t wear capes, and this Captain put his crew above his career… The next one will have to face the spread of Covid-19 on the ship…

Trump’s optimism during the daily press conferences isn’t exactly helping matters. People are in homes without work, some were looking or waiting on work before this started. We get that the Republican party wants to rely on states rights and let the governors make their own decisions. This has meant that states are bidding against each other for PPE and ventilators. Also the Republican governor of TN had been relying on cities to be ones to give lockdown mandates, which the major cities already have but the smaller ones haven’t done much more than say there are CDC guidelines. Keep in mind local media broadcasts crosses county lines and gives more emphasis on the major city that they are located and this leaves people with a gap on knowing what their town is doing, local newspapers barely exist. National media focuses more on the nation as a whole, people have become accustomed to this level of information rather than relying on local news. This may be major part of why the Republican party leadership is at odds with media, especially since the President past hasn’t been the best for the level the office demands. He finally started to admit the dire situation we’re with death projection numbers we already knew about. Trump: ‘Going to be a lot of death’ in U.S. next week from coronavirus We’re looking for solid leadership, even of it’s just saying we need to listen to local leaders and governors, not political rhetoric or adhering to a policy checklist.

His repeated use of a racial slur of Covid-19 is cringe worthy for Asian Americans who have been targeted with hate crimes has done little to unite people. We also get that he’s had a long history with models and that’s the models he’s more familiar with than the statistic models for the virus projections.

Jared Kushner’s Role In Coronavirus Response Draws Scrutiny, Criticism Ironically Trump’s ran on the idea to drain the swamp, and he filled it with a quagmire, namely family members and employees and friends and campaign supporters. Basically he’s filling roles with people who are yes people and loyal to him like ancient kings did.

U.S. ‘wasted’ months before preparing for virus pandemic

Are states in a bidding war over medical gear with the feds?

Federal Government Outbids Kentucky For Medical Equipment Amid Shortage

Report: Outbreak triggers drop in climate-changing emissions Photos of some cities show less haze.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump myths on new jobs, airport virus tests

The Latest: Trump criticizes World Health Organization

‘Please Don’t Politicize This Virus,’ WHO Head Says After Trump Threatens Funding

Trump slams U.S. watchdog’s report on shortages at coronavirus-hit hospitals The watchdog did it’s job, the report didn’t live up to the positive rhetoric Trump would like people to believe.

CDC removes unusual guidance to doctors about drug favored by Trump

As Trump rails against mail voting, some allies embrace it Worried about the reelection…

U.S. Now Has the World’s Deadliest Coronavirus Outbreak

AP FACT CHECK: Trump attacks govt watchdogs on false grounds

As the going gets tough, America returns to experts for help

A Month After Emergency Declaration, Trump’s Promises Largely Unfulfilled Ironic that many in the Republican party will say the Democrats do nothing, apparently the gaslighting speeches do not get the results promised when you don’t negotiate before the presentation. We already knew back then that he caught companies off guard.

‘Elbow to elbow:’ North America meat plant workers fall ill, walk off jobs This the sort of thing that we have been hoping wouldn’t happen. This is reality for workers who are doing important work to keep us fed. Also this paints a picture of how far the separation is between workers and the White House.

Signs missed and steps slowed in Trump’s pandemic response The reason people were saying Trump’s travel ban on those from China was that it excluded Americans, it didn’t quarantine all people traveling from China to the USA which was a lot of people. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 spread here from Europe. Trump made mistakes by ignoring warnings to focus on his own campaign and the impeachment. We saw reports on what was happening in Wuhan, but that was overshadowed by other interests too.

Trump uses pandemic virus briefing to air laudatory video

Trump claims ‘total authority’ over state decisions

Trump claims ‘total’ authority, over govs, to reopen economy

A U.S. tribe’s uphill battle against climate change

Trump’s halting of funds to WHO sparks worldwide rebuke

Trump threatens to adjourn U.S. Congress over ‘scam’ preventing appointments

What does Trump’s funding freeze mean for the WHO?

Trump looks to ease distancing in places; CEOs urge caution Also some governors are also warning that things will be slow to restart and won’t be normal such as more masks in public.

The daily president news briefings have given us a mix of information and misinformation. Dr Fauci has been helpful. The Monday the 13th briefing was attacking the media, this was after a weekend of the #presidentialdisaster on twitter and various headlines. Media Bias Chart 5.1 He uses the term fakenews so often in his campaign speeches for his base. Keep in mind, headlines are used attract readers. Also on the 24/7 talking media shows they have to fill the time with discussions and opinions. If you have noticed, I tend to stick to AP News, Reuters, and NPR/PBS news to link to. The further from the center, you get more clever headlines and subjects to attract readers and have increased advertisements. Media has to be at briefings due to the historical aspect of what ever a president says and does. People tune in when the briefings are informative, concise, and full of facts. These briefings have been straying and becoming more propaganda, gaslighting, and have misinformation and contradictions like his rallies. We don’t have to dwell on mistakes or blame others, we just have to focus on what we’re going to do about it.

Medical intelligence sleuths tracked, warned of new virus

Virus pandemic collides with Trump’s disdain for foreign aid Spinning 180’s on aid and equipment… We, the whole world, are in this together… At least we can talk about what our leaders are doing… Here’s the thing, we can help people even when we are in need of help, that’s who we are, and it’s not done so we get something in return. Trump’s son in law, while doing what ever job was given to him by his father in law, referred to ventilators bought by the Federal government as “our” ventilators not for the states. So the Feds can hoard them, states are then having to find them on their own when the Feds are out bidding them. Need to be part of the solution, not the problem.

My Wild, Totally Surreal Experience Covering a Trump Coronavirus Briefing

Trump unveils three-stage process for states to end coronavirus shutdown

Coronavirus Latest: Despite Trump’s Optimism, There’s Still A Long Road To Reopening

Factbox: Trump’s coronavirus reopening guidelines

‘Tip of the iceberg:’ Nations struggle to count virus toll

U.S. coronavirus crisis takes a sharp political turn

‘LIBERATE!’: Trump pushes states to lift virus restrictions Can we say starting a riot or civil war is new…

Explainer: Who’s WHO? The World Health Organization under scrutiny

Experts worry politics will guide voters’ virus precautions

AP FACT CHECK: Trump falsely blames governors for virus test

Oil prices bounce back, U.S. crude futures trade above zero This is new. Meanwhile, the air is cleaner from less use.

Trump says he’ll ‘suspend immigration,’ offers no details Ok, we understand that after the civil war, there has been an ongoing increase in racism in the government, like a lot. We have to remember be that people used and abused the system for racism. That’s why we are cautious about any attempt to exclude people that want to come here. Ironically, how we got a sections of our territory was by moving into the area and taking it over while remaining loyal to the US, I wonder if some think this is happening when people move to the US. People are looking for the freedoms and opportunities to work.

Trump Says He’ll Suspend Immigration For 60 Days Over Coronavirus Fears I still don’t get why’s this is happening, people traveling across the border has been low.

We’ve changed as a whole, the nation now sees the need for stockers and nurses and food plant workers and farm laborers and so many more. There’s a need for health care, living wages, paid time off, and more that political parties can’t overlook or downplay any more. The air is cleaner.

Political wrangling, controversy mark re-opening of U.S. states

U.S. coronavirus deaths top 45,000, doubling in little over a week: Reuters tally

FRONTLINE’s First Major Documentary on COVID-19 Premieres Tonight

Coronavirus Pandemic (full film) | FRONTLINE Due to the lack of Federal leadership, states have to compete with states, and cities compete with cities for supplies and tests. Good leaders can keep in check and steer people away from underlying problems, we’re seeing that this is not happening from the top.

What Happens If U.S. Reopens Too Fast? Documents Show Federal Coronavirus Projections

Timeline: What Trump Has Said And Done About The Coronavirus

More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug in VA virus study

China calls virus lawsuit brought by US state ‘very absurd’ Blaming China is not going to help, Trump has been trying to do that as well. When Trump put a ban on people from China, he excluded US citizens flying back and didn’t require quarantine for anyone flying in. People who may have had contact with Covid-19 were still getting through from China and also Europe where we got most of the spread from.

How Democratic governors and mayors are bucking Trump on stimulus benefits for immigrants

Special Report: Former Labradoodle breeder was tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force

Iran-US tensions rise on Trump threat, Iran satellite launch

Doctors struggle to stay true to science but not cross Trump

AP-NORC poll: Few Americans trust Trump’s info on pandemic

Trump suggests ‘injection’ of disinfectant to beat coronavirus and ‘clean’ the lungs I’m just shocked at the lack of common sense… It does sound like questioning to get a handle on the information, but there is a disconnect from what the doctor was talking about and what Trump was comprehending. The Latest: Trump says disinfectant comments were sarcasm We understand sarcasm when it’s appropriate, this was a time for facts and concise information. It’s gaslighting. ‘Under No Circumstance’: Lysol Maker, Officials Reject Trump’s Disinfectant Idea There’s already a history of such bad ideas being tried. Trump’s disinfectant ideas horrify doctors and academics

Nashville musicians find themselves without jobs or benefits

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Trump’s briefings, key Senate races

Trump urges states to consider opening schools before summer Trump suggests that opening schools is key to the economy, meaning that parents can then go to work. The key to the economy is people making enough money to buy, save, and invest… People can go to work all they want, but until there are customers to buy said products and services then the economy will stall. This isn’t real estate where you borrow money to buy property and then sell it for a profit, people don’t always have a way to borrow money to make money for that type of transaction or even have the spare money to buy anything. Never mind the time it would take to space kids out in already overcrowded schools and have the extra help to do the necessary labor to do some of the things required to make it happen.

Poll: Cost makes nearly 1 in 10 leery of seeking COVID care The elected officials are not addressing the need for healthcare and medical care.

In over 6 weeks we passed the number of US soldier deaths in Vietnam.

Coronavirus: The US resistance to a continued lockdown

Trump slams cities, states seeking U.S. aid to offset coronavirus losses This is along Trump’s political party lines, typical Neoliberalism. What ever the reason for the need of aid, it’s still the citizens who need help. If you don’t want to help the cities or states, then how about helping the citizens.

You would think Trump’s administration would be preparing for the worst, as in lots of business closings and more that the economy will be facing. It’s easy to see what is happening in some countries, and learn what not to do.

U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass Vietnam War toll as Florida readies reopening plan

America First meets global pandemic, testing Trump worldview It is regression if you go backwards, especially if you haven’t proved it’s good for the nation and the world. We’re still trying to spread many of the freedoms we have even though we still need to fix the lack of equality of all.

Trump Questions Whether U.S. Should Aid ‘Democrat’ States This plays only to his base… I’ve heard Republicans say that they hope a Democrat winner to an office will reach across the aisle to help get things done. But when Republicans win they don’t even bother trying to compromise or work well with others. (Keep in mind there are more right wing talk entertainment shows than those in the middle or left) At one time the office of president was about uniting people. My 7th grade teacher taught a lesson in which she divided the class by eye color, half enjoying icecream, until some one made a rude comment about the other half, then that half got icecream. That was about prejudice behavior. The gaslighting has been going on so long that the right/far right thinks any one not them has to be a liberal socialist, this even includes the progressives, moderates, and centrists. Why can’t leadership work with all the people for equality instead of regression to a lesser time?

Trump speculates that China released virus in lab ‘mistake’ Normally you would think that the president would listen/trust to the intelligence reports to make sound judgements on what is shared or give opinions about. I don’t know what specific media sources he goes to regularly, but we do know the 24/7 talk show news outlets fill air time with speculation and opinions. I don’t know what to do with his speculation that isn’t backed by the intelligence reports. Coronavirus was ‘not manmade or genetically modified’: U.S. spy agency

White House blocks Fauci from testifying to Congress on coronavirus response It should be normal to investigate and have people involved to testify. Fauci has nothing to worry about, he hasn’t been making the final decisions.

AP FACT CHECK: Testing ‘czar’ rebuts Trump; vet care hyped

Sidelined by pandemic, Trump campaign turns to digital shows What is this? Didn’t even know this was happening, and it’s awful and may get worse. It lacks dignity and respect to the office.

Trade war relief money mostly going to large farms The last 3 years of the trade war tariffs have taken a toll on small farmers, they had spent years building relationships with customers and now are having to find new sources to sell produce to. With restaurants closed or with reduced services along with schools closed, consumers are buying from different sources like grocery stores and online. Farmers have wait on processing plants that have labor shortages and closures due to Covid-19. We expect tax payer money to go to where it’s actually needed. Who is putting be these regulations or loopholes in these bills? If we ended this by actually providing aid to working farmers, we could perhaps also afford more for SNAP and schools. Why are hundreds of people in big cities receiving bailout money meant for farmers?

Coronavirus Conundrum: How To Cover Millions Who Lost Their Jobs And Health Insurance Since WWII, it’s been debated if health insurance should be tied to jobs, while many jobs have cut or don’t even offer health insurance. We still have a lot of work to convince law makers and health insurance policy makers to think about what is best for the people. When you make a lot of money, then insurance isn’t a burden or even a noticed expense. When you barely make enough to live on then it is a burden, your freedom is taken away as a have-not. The conservative party wanted to repeal-and-replace ACA while in reality a few fixes in extending subsidies and funding would make it great. Why is this so political?

As seen in a previous article about farm subsidies and aid, it’s seems ok for money to go to people who don’t really need it while people who actually need help don’t get help. And before that, the CARES act for business bail out, we saw immediately funds running out while larger companies got the help when there was little going to smaller companies that actually needed the help. We witnessed that happen live, it was noticed by many who wanted to pay attention, even while there was arguments about including oversights and allowing watchdogs to do their jobs. This is the sort of thing that has been needed fixing in Congress, so money goes where it is needed and not into pockets of those who took advantage and opportunity over those who didn’t have a chance to get help. We got lucky that someone advised the president to send money directly to people and he actually ran with it before the Neoliberalism/conservative policy makers could stop it. There is a pattern here, we spend a fortune that ends up going to the haves just to get a little bit of help to the have-nots… Want to jump start the economy, put money in people’s hands so they can spend it by being customers for such things as savings, rent, mortgages, insurance, food, goods, and services. Putting money in companies would help some, but they would have to wait until customers have the money to spend.

Not-So-Small Businesses Continue To Benefit From PPP Loans

Trump’s anti-China rhetoric aimed at boosting US leverage Remember the lies and rhetoric that got us into the Iraq war, yeah, that didn’t make America great and isn’t helping now. We still have a long way to go to make up for that. Trump spent time ignoring the warnings, maybe because it didn’t go with his style or agendas, there was a focus on Iran. Exclusive: Internal Chinese report warns Beijing faces Tiananmen-like global backlash over virus How about we don’t blame China, and take responsibility for our own actions. It was easy enough for US citizens flying back (from Europe, China, and everywhere else) to spread Covid-19. Trump keeps repeating his conspiracy theory. Testing could have caught them earlier and they could have been quarantined. Testing still hasn’t caught up to anywhere near to what it should be. Trump’s claims on testing hasn’t been even close to accurate.

Coronavirus: World leaders pledge billions for vaccine fight Trump is leading the US to do it’s own vaccine. The whole point of science research is to share information to benefit all of humankind, and it’s why there’s the internet.

Virus-afflicted 2020 looks like 1918 despite science’s march

Ousted U.S. whistleblower says Trump health official played down coronavirus threat

Rick Bright, Former Top Vaccine Scientist, Files Whistleblower Complaint

Republicans seek tax cuts in next coronavirus bill; senator warns Congress may spread virus There has to be transparency, this round for relief laws seems more about helping a few businesses than people.

‘It’s gone haywire’: When COVID-19 arrived in rural America

Trump says coronavirus worse ‘attack’ than Pearl Harbor This is troubling, it’s war rhetoric or not thought out very well. Trump’s persona will not accept blame or declare admission to many mistakes made during the Covid-19 crisis. Oh, it could have been stopped at the “border” by quarantining those flying in, citizens and whoever else could have been sent straight to quarantine. We got a lot of spread from those returning from Europe. Democrats demand intel on coronavirus origins Time to show the intelligence reports. It’s like Bush and his administration did about weapons of mass destruction that were never found.

Trump administration buries detailed CDC advice on reopening

Why isn’t the flag flying at half staff for those dead from Covid-19…

Exclusive: Biden allies told to attack Trump’s stimulus as ‘cronyism’ Trump’s cronyism has been so obvious anyway, it’s sad.

Flynn dismissal a surprise? AG Barr in sync with Trump And here’s a bonus from the historian Heather Cox Richardson on May 8, 2020. https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/may-8-2020?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy There’s a lot of posts from Heather Cox Richardson, you can read and explore her writings. And here’s another post to read from May 2, 2020. https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/may-2-2020?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy

Why it matters that the NIH canceled a coronavirus research grant Apparently, due to misinformation, the Trump administration stopped and important grant, ironically the same administration had extended and increased funding to this research because of the importance. What I learned from this is that people are mistakingly blaming China or the lab, when conclusions still point to this starting from nature. If anything they hadn’t discovered it yet or it got over looked because it hadn’t jumped from animals to humans until the start of this pandemic. After this, they know more of what to look for and get a head start on future research need for tests. It’s the administration that ignored early warnings as this took off. And this was from April, Trump cuts U.S. research on bat-human virus transmission over China ties

This happened… https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/may-10-2020?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy Also reported on Reuters In leaked call, Obama describes Trump handling of virus as chaotic This is basically what many are already thinking, but the Twitter storm from the current president is childishly making it into something it wasn’t. Like anything you read or hear, you can listen and evaluate, but just reacting and lashing out isn’t of upstanding character. Meanwhile, why isn’t the flag at half mast for those who died from Covid-19… President Trump evades question on ‘Obamagate’ You can watch it for yourself.

Trump abruptly ends news conference after spat with Asian American reporter You can watch it. Trump ends press conference abruptly after heated exchange with reporters It was a fair question,. And just for historical context https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/may-11-2020?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy

‘The grief is so unbearable’: Virus takes toll on Navaho

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s perfect China ‘ban,’ death toll myths

As China pushes back on virus, Europe wakes to ‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomacy Those in the EU have kept the pressure on China who has been trying to save it’s reputation with methods it uses with it’s own media. People just want honest answers. People in China want to know what is in the news. Those in the US spreading misinformation are just as bad as the disinformation campaign of the Chinese government.

Trump’s surprising target in war on media: Voice of America

U.S. Senate approves bill to pressure China over Uighur rights This is an abusive situation has been going on for a while. The sad thing is, this is something that some of Trump’s base would attempt here if left unchecked. Maybe this will give the president a clue to what happens when you don’t treat people well.

https://www.facebook.com/heathercoxrichardson/videos/230066964953522/?app=fbl This will give you a history lesson on what has been shaping current political ideologies… Basically she describes the use of Neoliberalism in politics without using the term.

Maternity ward massacre shakes Afghanistan and its peace process

Brutal Afghan attacks highlight limitations of U.S.-Taliban deal

Pandemic planning becomes political weapon as deaths mount

Caught in Trump-China feud, WHO’s leader is under siege

President Obama’s Message to the Class of 2020

https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/may-16-2020?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy Obama addressed graduates. One of the highlights is a quote from Heather: “He rejected the aggressive individualism that has defined America since the Reagan years “[I]t doesn’t matter how much money you make if everyone around you is hungry and sick…. [O]ur society and democracy only works when we think not just about ourselves, but about each other.”” Also another quote from Heather: “He placed America’s strength in community. “No one does big things by themselves. Right now, when people are scared, it’s easy to be cynical and say let me just look out for myself, or my family, or people who look or think or pray like me. But if we’re going to get through these difficult times; if we’re going to create a world where everybody has the opportunity to find a job, and afford college; if we’re going to save the environment and defeat future pandemics, then we’re going to have to do it together. So be alive to one another’s struggles. Stand up for one another’s rights. Leave behind all the old ways of thinking that divide us — sexism, racial prejudice, status, greed — and set the world on a different path.”

I’m going to take a moment to emphasize a lesson learned from a community leader working with impoverished areas of the Appalachian mountains. During times of economic struggling there are those who have lost their sense community and helping others. Ironically it is a Christian faith principal of helping each other and those outside of their community during struggle that is lost when blaming others and only thinking of yourself for surviving.

One political party likes to cut spending and taxes which results in deficit spending. Social services are cut by saying those are socialist liberal programs, but reality it’s a leg up to be able to survive while those out for themselves leave people behind.

Democrats: Fired watchdog was looking into Saudi arms sale If they have nothing to hide, why would they need to fire any of the watchdogs for doing their jobs. Part of the arms deal is the sale of nuclear technology, also it will take a year for weapons to be ready so this isn’t an emergency.

Businesses Are Reopening, But Customers May Not Be Ready To Go Back During the last depression it took a while to recover and as the culture shifted.

Trump says he’s taking malaria drug to protect against virus This is a bad idea, people who don’t know what they are doing are going to try to obtain it and suffer the consequences. It’s irresponsible.

Trump slams Michigan, Nevada for expanding voting by mail, but drops funding threat Everyone should be encouraged to vote, voting by mail is a great idea to get a better response. Gerrymandering needs to end anyway.

We’re expendable’: Russian doctors face hostility, mistrust

U.S. pulls out of Open Skies treaty, Trump’s latest treaty withdrawal So this means less keeping tabs on Russia? And this is a good thing? What about the nations/territories Russia annexed? Can we still use satellites? How much does this make life easier for Russia to do what they want especially towards other countries?

Trump visits Ford plant in politically crucial Michigan, leaves mask off for cameras

Trump counting on Supreme Court to block probes, lawsuits If this was a Democrat president, the Republicans would be tripping over themselves in rage trying to get the information.

Trump warns governors: let places of worship open

Trump declares churches ‘essential,’ calls on them to reopen Reporters challenged the press secretary who was not straight forward and attempting to mislead. A reporter who does go to church asked if it was safe. Keep in mind that the CDC had been backing off the strength of it’s language to appease the Trump administration who has been misleading and focused on the economy rather than lives.

https://www.facebook.com/heathercoxrichardson/videos/539864419987532/?app=fbl Historian Heather Cox Richardson discusses what has lead up to the current situation and insight to what the political climate is like. Take time to learn what is being said here. The current political parties are not the same as when they started. In the 50’s the Republicans party attracted the racist southern Democrats and then by the 80’s was gaining momentum with evangelicals. (I should write more on how the evangelicals today are far different from the original version, just like the political parties have changed) That alone should be troubling for those of faith especially for equality of women, minorities, etc. Trump just mirrors back to his people, his base, like the salesman he is, still lacking the leadership he needs. It’s about strengthening the oligarchy where a few at the top make the decisions claiming that those at the bottom can’t make the right choices. This is against the very things Abraham Lincoln wrote and stood for.

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