Nashvegas vs. the Dream

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Nashvegas

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting a bunch of musicians in Nashville. Have you ever wondered what it’s like here. Tim Pepper’s song Killing Kind sums up a lot of it, bleed your dreams and take your dime. Tim Pepper Music. It can be depressing. Just about every waitress or waiter has or had a dream, or something like that. Tim writes it all to well.

There is an old saying around town, if you want to make a million dollars, start with 2. That’s rough. But then, the music industry is about making money. Any one with money can make it, talent aside. That doesn’t mean everyone who makes it lacks talent.

It is going to be rough on many. I got into the music scene knowing all that. Ten+ years of live sound engineering and now with photography. But seeing it first hand in people’s lives is another story. There is excitement when a video gets made, and then the reality that it just doesn’t send the music over the top or get noticed.

What about anything good going on? Success is there. One night you’re hanging out after a show, then a tour takes them away. That is due to a lot of work leading up to that. But that just means more work to sell songs and land bigger tours. It’s a non stop cycle. I try to stay away from all that. I have learned from all that to be shooting and planning ahead for more shoots.

With this economy it has gotten brutal. I’m not immune, photographers have it just as bad. Customer service is the key for all kinds of business. Best Buy needs to learn that both in their stores and with the online sales as it faces decline over the next few years.

To meet the needs of the consumer, audience, some writers are starting a new trend. Maybe… Ladies writing for the ladies. Telling their stories, and not holding back. The song “Future Exboyfriend” does just that. I know even just a make-out session or a weekend puts things in perspective. The lady who wrote that is just being honest, a long term commitment isn’t wanted right away.

I may have gotten side tracked… Back to the dark brooding part of music in Nashville… It shouldn’t be all bad. Dreams have to be flexible.  I’m still wanting to write and shoot for National Geographic and some rock climbing magazines like Rock&Ice or Climbing. So that means I’ve got to do something with Rollerderby. Confused… That’s a blog for another day.

Meanwhile, it’s not going to be easy to do music in Nashville. You have to build a fan base all around.

And Nashville made #3 as friendliest city…

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