If dead men tell no tales, that means someone has to live to tell the tales… Savvy…

Apparently I lived to tell the tale…

Many pirates died to bring you this information… And Nova, who had a spare ticket, thanks a bunch for that to watch it nearly two weeks before it’s release.

Warning, Henry Turner saw Carina Balbossa’s ankles… If he had shut his cakehole he may have seen more…

Where’s the rum? Why is the rum gone?

We’re introduced to a few new characters and pirates in the fifth movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, namely Salazar who is a ghost. And of course a few Star Wars references thrown in for good measure. Be on the look out for a “pirate scum”, Salazar killing pirates like Darth Vader, and a trench battle with a scoundrel ship swooping in to save the day. We’ve got a lot of old favorites returning, even the monkey. Sparrow wants to eat him, but hey the little guy made it through editing. One question, or several, as much as the British were hell bent on hanging Carina as a witch, what’s up with not wanting to kill the bad ass witch, Shansa, who actually is a witch? And why wasn’t she used more in the movie? That was a legit cool tattoo job the make up artists did, seriously give them a shout out or a shiver me timbers. Wait, could it be that it’s like based on the 1700’s era of patriarchy to focus on the guys or just that the writers forgot about her. Didn’t Elizabeth Swann break the glass ceiling by becoming the pirate King? Guess the other ladies didn’t get the memo.

Meanwhile, back to the movie…

Captn’ Jack was up to old antics, getting in and out of trouble. Down on his luck, he and his crew turn to bank robbery. That went as well as expected, perfectly planned and executed right up to the point of actually pulling it off. You know it’s about to get flavorful when the villagers open up their brand new bank vault and Jack is there sleeping off his rum. It just goes sideways from there. Oh, didn’t they drag a safe around in one of the Fast and Furious movies, nevermind about that. Pirates seem to loose their loads quickly when their quest for booty is on the clock. Jack does pocket one gold coin after all that, we’ll wait on the Blu Ray commentary if that might be a reference to the first movie. This started a series of events to bring everyone together to team up for this adventure.

Of course there has to be a ballsy, bad ass, diving into action first, and routinely saving the day lady in this one. Carina is an educated lady of science, so that means the villagers want to kill her as a witch and all she wants to do is avoid trouble. What kind of horrible life is that? Meanwhile the actual witch is free to do what ever and give out advice freely with blood being the price to pay. Couldn’t they have had a chat about how bad the guys treat women of their day. Both are imprisoned for their knowledge. I still wonder how she got accused of being a witch. Carina did address the crowd pointing out their ignorance while she was about to be hung and arguing with Jack Sparrow while he was in a ghillotine, yeah, that wasn’t going to win over public opinions. This would be exactly how Sheldon Cooper would meet his demise if he time travelled. Anyway, apparently being hung or beheaded means it’s a perfect time to get a few last jabs in. He’d kill to be stoned right about then.

Carina tried to explain who she is and what she knows to get the support of Sparrow and the pirate crew. Introducing new words to pirates goes as well as expected. Not only is she a scientist, she’s also a horologist. The pirates ran with that reference like only unsavory pirates could, savvy. Got to love the crusty lot any way, apparently they know whose mother also watches the clock. Yo ho it’s a pirate’s life. Lots of one liners through out the film, you won’t be disappointed in their antics. They packed a lot in this film for it to be the shortest of the series. There really were a lot of details to look for, but I wouldn’t over think it too much, it is pirates after all.

Ok, critic time boys and girls. As often as Captain Jack’s compass was in other people’s possession in the other films, now they tie it to Salazar being trapped in the devil’s triangle. Once he trades it away for rum, since he was so down on his luck, then Salazar is released. You would think it would have done something sooner, oh well, what do I know. I think Salazar had a worst killing spree than Darth Vader, but you didn’t hear that from me. Let’s not be bothered by such intracacies.

It’s a fun adventure, with a lot packed in to the film and lots of random pirate details. Oh, one thing that was deep, when all the curses are boken that reflects the introduction of the enlightenment period during the same time period when science and reasoning was replacing the old way of following magic and lore.

There is a moral to this story even amongst immoral pirates… Finding treasure in your life that means more than gold and riches. You may just find that people may be the treasure you are looking for. Way to go Captain Balbossa for discovering his most valuable treasure, Carina.

The movie finishes up the long love story of Swann and Turner reuniting, and a start a new love story with Carina and Henry. Blah, happy family reunion, enough of that sorry sight… Nevermind that the director’s commentary at the end of the third movie revealed that Will Turner was free from the Flying Dutchman after 10 years of service since Elizabeth Swann had remained faithful. But what do I know. Why wasn’t there more Elizabeth Swann? Carina makes up for that being highly intelligent and piraty at times, but still… Oh, Shansa, let’s not forget about her…

Let’s not forget the Black Pearl. That ship has grown on us as the fastest ship on the seas… It literally grows in the movie too, from it’s bottle to full glory ready to sail the seven seas. The Pearl means freedom. Of course it swoops in during the trench battle like the Millennium Falcon.

Oh, the big water trench thing, haven’t we seen that before in some majorly epic moves… the Ten Commandments with Moses, maybe Star Wars. Well, there were stars and a staff of sorts involved but never mind the references when you’re so close to saving the day.

In the end here is some sailing away into the sunset, but it seems I missed the after credits scene because I forgot Pirates did that sort of thing. Hopefully it wasn’t some creepy dripping wet pirate back from the deeps watching Elizabeth and Will sleeping, because that would be what I dug up so far.


​Blame the Manganese… Those sneaky assailants sabotaging the games. Wave your flags high, you won this victory…

Just in case anyone is wondering why the Olympic high dive pool is green… Typically it’s manganese that causes the problem color. Water treatment facilities normally use bacteria  systems to clean metals out of water. When excessive water use happens there isn’t time to let this happen so metals are not readily removed. When filling several large Olympic size pool, eventually the treatment plants are over taxed for metal removal and you end up with safe water that happens to turn green with chlorine. Eventually the fact finders will get this information and commentators will attempt to explain it.

Some extra reading:

Oxidation of manganese(II) during chlorination: role of bromide.

Water Worries: Manganese in water turning pools green as new water treatment equipment gets working to full capacity

Never mind the dangerously high levels of dihydrogen monoxide… We’re talking lethal doses if inhaled.

I don’t know how it became a thing to do on Thanksgiving. Social media and internet ads bring lists and information of what is available. The idea is about saving money on what exactly? Is the stuff even of quality? Where is it made and how did it get here? Is it something you want? As a gift, is it something someone will value? Why is it necessary? Is it shopping with friends? What is significant about the frenzy? Do you like causing stress on retail workers while the corporation received your money? Have you thought about what the frenzy does to others? Why are there better deals later on? Why are you so bored on Thanksgiving that you just have to go shopping? How about seeing a movie? Wasn’t it enough that Macy’s ushered in shopping with it’s Thanksgiving day parade? Did you know bars are busy, much more busy for Thanksgiving than any other time of the year? Why aren’t retailers focusing on that revenue source? What happened in your business plan to make you depend on the Christmas season instead of the rest of the year? Why aren’t business owners, leaders, office personnel, and stockholders there to help retail workers like small business owners do? Are you nice to retail workers? Are you helpful? When was the last time you offered to buy presents for a retail worker’s Christmas list? Or bought them stiff drinks to handle the stress of the crowds? Would you like someone to follow you around and periscope all your antics during the Black Friday frenzy? Are you destructive? Is turkey the source of all this? What is in grandma’s stuffing recipe to cause this? Is this just a first world problem? What do the Chinese factory workers who made all that stuff do? What do people in poverty do? If you are homeless and camping out in front of stores, will you get a pass like the others or be singled out? Who would know the difference? And why are you that cruel?

How the American middle class lost its taste for mindless consumerism

Back To The Future Now

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Great Scott, the moment is here… Marty, Doc Brown, and Jennifer have made their trip to now. Of course, when they went back, things changed so we don’t have flying cars, Holomax’s, and a few other random things like dustless paper for books. That time line no longer exists… This is heavy…

BTTF Cast on the Today Show

Good job everyone on making a better future than the one we saw… Sorta…

Any one notice the Cubs have been winning lately… As foretold… Even the sports almanac didn’t predict that.

OK, flying cars sound dangerous anyway. People don’t even use blinkers and use their phones too much while driving. Don’t text and fly… Cars do drive themselves, and park themselves.

Jaws 19 at the Holomax would be so fake. But then again, 3D IMAX is amazing. The Niece did recognize a picture of the scene as Jaws but also asked if it was Sharknado, so there’s that.

Instant news happens… Maybe not from drones flying around, um, wait… Does USA News even print anything any more? Does anyone print anything any more. USA Today Movie Paper Remake

I still have no use for a fax machine in my closet. No one should have to be in the closet anyway…

We don’t always watch TV, but when we do it’s just a season or two of a show over the weekend or a day off. It’s hard to sell blueray box sets of a season of a TV show, but sure enough we’ll watch a grainy pixelated version on Netflix. If only we could get our streaming device to show multiple programs at once, the bandwidth would be killer on fiber anyway. I always thought SD cards would make a suitable replacement for blurays. The other tech beyond blurays optics just didn’t make it to market anyway.

Marty’s daughter had a head set eye wear for phone calls and TV viewing. The modern version a few years ago really did make you a glass-hole just like her.

We should all be glad those lame future clothes didn’t catch on. Thankfully Yoga Pants won that fashion war.

Oh, babies don’t have to use hand controllers to play video games. Just jester or swipe depending on the system used.

TAB, does it even exist any more? Yuck… Water is pricey and varied. You can drink a regular soda ironically… Just saying…

Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd discuss a few changes and faxing the one guy with a fax.
Toyota’s Back To The Future Diner commercial

Drones could walk your dog now, it’s possible. Some will hover around you taking photos of you, so why not walk your dog.

Thanks to car console displays, dashes do look better than the digital time display Doc had made.

Nike and Pepsi have some products ready to release.

Oh, did any one notice the generational gap between Marty and the Doc… If parents today were that technologically inept back then, no wonder they don’t have a clue what the kids are doing on their phones today.

Live On The Green 2015

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The 2015 season of Live On The Green is here. Can you believe this has been the first time to LOTG.

Week 1: 8/20 I really didn’t have an idea who was performing before going. I hadn’t checked the line up and memorized it, but I did have a photo pass to get in the pit area in front of the stage. This worked out great to get in for a few songs to capture some photos. Being there early I grabbed a burger and fries while thinking the grilled cheese line was remarkable short at that moment. There were quite a few people scattered on the lawn of the public square. A few chill people taking it all in. I didn’t think to talk to a lot of people just yet. Then the music started and there was a crowd filling in the gaps. Next to the stage it was packed, by the time the 3rd band it was crammed with people. That photo pass was a life saver, even casually met a few people on the other side of the fence. Two VIP guys were amazing. There even was a few diehards at the front corner who stuck it out the whole time. Being nice to people has it’s perks. Just stick your camera up in the air, the crowd will pose. Did I mention the music, that was fun to discover some artists and find out about their fans. Well, three songs and was out out of the photo pit into the masses. That meant time to randomly run into friends you didn’t know were there. And time to make plans for photo shoots later. Even the weather was great. After one band got going, did strike up a guy and a lady who had artist passes. Yeah, got to get one of those. They did go get a water for me, but I didn’t get to leave my business card with them, oops. Oh, did see an old friend at that time too. The lawyer I just met would love to know the business dealings the old friend is into with Nashville.

Week 2: 8/27 Tried it again. This time without the photo pass, no pit for me. That meant finding a spot along the fence early and sticking to it as long as I could handle it. I did recognize a few people from the previous week, that’s always cool. The first band started and sure enough, it got crowded quick. I’m seeing a pattern here. Later the crowd surfing would be the only way in and out. Also, putting my camera up in the air meant those yards away would suddenly start posing. Cell phones everywhere and they spot the camera, just saying. I eventually left to see who all I could run into. Getting out was an adventure, I photo bombed a group who then had me join in on more photos. I just wanted out. Turns out, not much luck on that so I found a way back up to a parking tower for a group shot. When I came down, that’s when I ran into a few friends. We got barbeque. I then made a mission run to get back near the front, um, what was I thinking… It was packed even on the left side of the center divide. Then I did the unthinkable, I went back around to get near where I started the evening. I think I went through where a few friends were, but it was dark, the later photo posts were familiar territory. Well, I got close to my original spot, and it was even along the center fence. This allowed great people watching in the VIP area, the stage, the right side and the left side of the center divide. Oh, the girl on the left side, sorry/notsorry for ratting you out to your friends for covering yourself in glow stick goo. Did I mention the crowd surfing. People would pop up and get passed around. Eventually they would start circling back around and more would pop up. They would move along and suddenly there would be just two legs sticking up, occasionally they might recover and be back at it. The videos those surfing made should be great. The event staff guy in the center pit was pulling out people before they got dumbed into the pit. Did miss the one guy on the left side who got tossed into the VIP section, that happened. Did I mention there were a few bands playing too.

Week 3: 9/3 I’m beginning to wonder why I made it back, with a zillion people who were going to be downtown. For some reason I ended up with great parking on Gay street and just enough change to make it happen. Would there even be friends here this week. Well, a familiar faces of weeks past were there, the perks of being nice to people. There also was glow sticks being handed out, score. This time I stuck it out in one spot for the first band, not too bad. But I left, I mean what story would be thrilling if I just stayed. Sure enough had friends nearby anyway so I hung out for the second band. One just had to leave. We may have used my glow sticks and camera flash to signal his return… That happened. Eventually we all left to grab food truck cuisine. Surprisingly the grill cheese line wasn’t epically long. I sat in the middle of the street while they ate and we talked music industry stuff for marketing. Eventually I just had to leave and go hear the last band. I didn’t make it very far in this time, it was like there was peak people saturation. I just did the best I could from where I was for a long while. I did get to the point I had to get out of there and find more open spaces with a breeze. Did I mention it was muggy. I found some breathing room, plus some dancing girls who were making eye contact to get others to dance too. Eventually I got to make it to the fountain feature. There was an lovely couple playing in the water, yeah, forget everything else, just do that and you two will be amazing for each other. You can’t do better than make memories like that. Just laugh a play together. Did I mention there was music.

OK, got a sneak peek of Jurassic World on a whim… And it was entertaining.
Yeah, yeah, while Jurassic World won’t solve or provide answers to important social issues, it did reveal corporate moral issues. The sub plots and dialogue did have many current references to keep it relevant and entertaining. Of course there is character growth.

There were even dinosaurs… Lot’s of them and new ones. Even with some big name actors, the dinosaur characters had important roles, one ends up being the antagonist. Hmm, maybe eating a bunch of people wasn’t in the job description when their agent got them the role… But they seemed to hit their marks every time, while the humans struggled with props that just didn’t aim right or weren’t powerful enough. Blue the beta raptor had a coming of age story all his own in this story. Dude, talk to your agent and sign up for a sequel. You’re my boy Blue!

As for the hologram dinosaurs, your character portrayal was transparent… There, I said it. We saw right through you…

A special memoriam for all the people eaten: The production team and you’re acting skills brought empathy to the role you shortly brought to life. I’ve never been eaten alive, but you brought an element of urgency in your predicament. The one who did die but wasn’t eaten, at least you went out in a blaze of glory, pun intended. OK, maybe a few of you did deserve to die in worse ways… The one lady assistant who was trying so hard to keep up with the nephews, we thought you were almost going to make it being tossed around like that between dinosaurs, so close. Being swallowed isn’t going to help you on the resume, just saying. Sorry to all the visitors who got hurt and/or eaten, these thing happen. Side bar: Survivor, Jurassic World, will be airing with a new twist, no longer 39 days,  it’s 39 minutes, and let’s see who is left after a word from our sponsors. “The t-rex has roared.”

As for the actual survivors, like Chris and Bryce Dallas and the nephews, yeah, you won the contract lottery on that one. It was a good thing Chris Pratt was on vacay from guarding the galaxy to save the girl and be saved by the girl. You know, modern times, because girls rule.

Of course the Hamster balls were the breakout tech of the show… Well, right up until Jimmy Fallon explained the safety features. I’m sure the engineers thought being bulletproof would be an important feature. Being stabbed, gnawed on, and dribbled like a ball just didn’t make it past quality control tests with the park manager’s nephews inside. Oops, should have stuck with open top jeeps, no issues there. No one ever died while in one of those, just saying…

Now let’s talk about those heels worn by Claire, performed by Bryce Dallas… You didn’t make many of the cuts through out the film, but you were there all along and at a pivotal point when it mattered. Claire like the boss she is knew what would save the day no matter how dangerous it was, you were the heels to emphasize that she had grown as a person. Those heels held it together, like a boss…


Every model has stories… Listen to them…
I’ve been around a lot of women, they especially have stories on how men treat them. I’m far from perfect and I just want to cry over all the things they go through. When I started out in professional photography, hearing about some of the ways photographers and models interact almost had me giving up. I just want to make a difference.

Any way, take time to listen to their stories. And better yet, learn from what they are saying. Many stories are fun or even about the small victories of making the best of a scenario. It doesn’t even mean it was a horror story, those are just the worst.

One story from a model was about a photographer who claimed his camera was in the shop but still offered to shoot with his cell phone. The whole vibe was that he just wanted her posing for him. While cell phone photography is a thing, this was not happening. Just no… Smart girl to say no.

There are plenty of stories of guys who are just too happy to have a pretty model in front of their lens, and their work shows that. Models easily pick up on that sort of thing. Lack of experience is one thing, motives are another.

Another thing, a model likes to see the photos from a shoot. Photographers may want to hang on to control of those for many reasons like only wanting to show quality images. The model is wanting to see what she was doing. Listening and communicating may help both out to get the best out a shoot. I’m always learning what to do better, so are the models.

There are those moments you forget to warn the model that others are waiting to use the one stall restroom in the park. While the kid is talking about seeing butterflies, what was seen when she came out was a story his dad won’t be telling mom. Oops, that was an eye full.

I once told my girl best friend that I was house sitting, she responded that it was too far to drive. While I had been thinking of online chatting, I wasn’t expecting that response and the assumption that I was asking her to go there. I just rolled with it and probably didn’t do a good job at that since I didn’t have the heart to tell her other wise. We chat all the time, I’m just reluctant to bring it up that I’m not always in tune with her assumptions. I’m sorry men have not treated her right in the past, I’m just learning to navigate that now.

I also hope I haven’t said something to a model and it was taken wrong. For example, when I mention a location being more private, what I really mean is there will be less hassle from passerby’s to avoid jeers and stares. Yeah, communication has to happen.

Many times, I’m sure women go into any giving situation with a wealth of experiences that help protect them. Of course men have the same defenses too. I’ve gone into many a situation assuming it’s going to end up with something I’m uncomfortable with. I’m trying not to live life afraid of those uncomfortable situations, but they happen. You just learn to roll with it and make a graceful exit.

A few more important notes:
Rashida Jones has a documentary on a similar subject for online videos. Hot Girls Wanted

Sarah Ziff’s documentary, Picture Me, is about the modeling world. And she also started The Model Alliance for being an advocate for model rights.

Jen Rozenbaum also covered the subject. NY Boudoir Photographer | All Men are Perverts, well that can be the assumption.

Laci Green’s video Sex Object BS

Jessica Lark in f-Stop Lounge Boudoir Photography Is Just Porn…


Comments with stories are welcome.